His lucky save streak came to an end at 49 straight games, but he didn’t even hang around the locker room to talk about it. That is because Nicole Axford went into labor, you see, and a beautiful new baby will soon be on the Milwaukee bench. John Axford’s wife (photos below) pushed kid #2 out of her WAG body on game day.

Photo: Nicole Axford (right)

He of course is the world class dominant closer for the Milwaukee Brewers. He had not blown a save for 49 straight games, which is the 3rd longest in professional baseball history. He even left a note for reporters which you can blow up in the picture gallery below. But you know all about him already. We were just as curious about the wife as you are so let’s talk about what we know of Nicole.

Biography: Nicole Axford was born Nicole Burroughs. A source tells us that she graduated from Assumption College high school in Brantford, where she first met her baller husband in 9th grade. She is mentioned in the school newsletter here and here when she directed a school play.

Nicole taught briefly at St. John’s high school before leaving to marry and become a housewife. The couple were married during the offseason in 2009 on November 7th.

Mrs. Axford has long brunette hair and gorgeous eyes with a model’s cheekbones. To me she looks like the girl next door that everyone wants to know and only the lucky ones get to date. Baseball players have all the luck. You can see more pictures of Nicole here by scrolling through at Maxim, but no she isn’t a Maxim pinup girl. Don’t go there with the girl next door!

Nicole gave birth to the couple first son named J.B. in Milwaukee in the month of June last year, just as the summer baseball season was in full swing. If my math is correct they like doing it as the postseason gets underway, like clockwork each year. Go figure.

Interestingly the baby is a U.S. citizen by virtue of where he was born, but John is not. He is from Canada. Travel arrangements are a little awkward at times which they found out the hard way.

This time Nicole went into labor a month early so John rushed to the hospital after the game. The note he left is a baseball classic. Blow the image up below or just read the transcription since we did the work for you already.

I put my wife into contractions with my performance tonight! So I had to run to the hospital. The streak is over so now you can talk about it. The luck I’ve had in the past didn’t show up tonight! All I can do is begin another streak and keep my head up. Cliche … cliche … another cliche. Gotta go!
Love, Ax

Her hubby is a great dad too. About fatherhood, he said “It’s instant love, and you can’t get anything greater than that. I guess you kind of expect it, but it’s never what you anticipate. That’s what I’m feeling. It’s definitely a lot stronger emotional bond than I thought it would be.” Read more here.

Nicole’s Facebook page can be found here and her MySpace page is here.

Now tell us what you think and answer this question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate John Axford’s wife? I give Nicole Axford a 10, 7 for cuteness, 2 for personality, and 1 for putting up with a quirky major league baseball player as his WAG.

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Photo: Nicole Axford