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With all the stresses of coaching football, who would begrudge a hard working coach what he truly needs at home? Meet Jen Bielema, recently married to The Man in Wisconsin football who is packing his bags for Arkansas. Bret Bielema’s wife is a honeypot which makes him one lucky guy and I know that you agree.

Photo: Jen Bielema

You know him as the head man for the Wisconsin Badgers. With a 60–19 record, he is hands down the most successful coach in Wisconsin history with two Big-10 titles and two victories in postseason bowl games. Not at all bad for 42 years old, but what he has been missing in life thus far is a wife. Enter Jennifer Hielsberg, the woman who finally swept the eligible bachelor off of his cleats.

From what we know of her biography, Bret Bielema’s wife was indeed born Jennifer Hielsberg. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004 as a psych major and spent the next years working as a bank teller. She met Bret in Las Vegas, Nevada while she was on vacation from her job in Tampa Bay Florida. Jen is 27 years old.

She was an aspiring model who had a modeling profile on the Model Mayhem site but don’t bother looking for it because it has been deleted. Jen’s Facebook page is set to private so she is sneaky. You can her swimsuit photo down below, but it is a low resolution image just to further the story. She is a very beautiful woman with long blond hair, beautiful teeth and penetrating eyes. More Jen Bielema modeling photos would be good to see so let us know where our readers can find them.

You can read her Linkedin profile here and visit her Twitter page here. Jennifer Bielema has a lot of expertise in cognitive psychology, counseling, and early child development, but thus far in her career she has worked in banks. She has had three teller jobs most recently at Horicon Bank in Wisconsin.

Of all places they met at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada when she was there on vacation with her best girlfriend and her friend’s boyfriend. People often fool around in Sin City but nobody ever meets true love right? That just isn’t the point of the fun capital of the world in most cases. Normally what happens is Vegas stays there, but Jen found herself a future boyfriend and hubby.

Bret was there attending to a Wisconsin fundraising event and it was seemingly love at first sight. She was wearing a “teal tank top, blue jeans and black flip-flops,” he remembered later. He introduced himself to Jen and taught her how to play blackjack that night. He scored her phone number and the couple began a long-distance correspondence which finally turned into more serious dating about six months later.

Amusingly he did not tell Jennifer what he did for a living during the first months of their relationship. I think that’s a good idea, and just proved that she wasn’t one of those wannabe sports WAGs. She is a genuine girl and they found true love. The couple dated for almost three years and were finally engaged in October, 2011, taking it slowly just to be sure.

You can read the cute story about their easy route to marriage here, and just for fun find their wedding registry here but I’m sorry to inform you that it is too late to buy them a present. They were married on March 11, 2012 quite appropriately in Madison, but no, not at the stadium, fans. They had a good Catholic wedding at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church.

Jen was interviewed recently, a very cool interview you can watch in the video under the picture gallery. About her big wedding day, she said “It’s amazing. The wedding was spectacular. It was everything and anything I could have ever imagined and everything is so surreal right now.”

About her husband, Mrs. Bielema says “He is so romantic. Everything is so genuine with him. He is such a senstive emotional guy that a lot of people don’t see [those qualities].”

She also said they would rather have kids sooner than later. So we can predict Bielema babies in the near future, especially in Arkansas where there are far less friends to distract them from the bedroom.

Now readers time for you to rank Jennifer Bielema on a scale of 1 to 10 as a woman who is so much more than a trophy wife. Bret Bielema’s wife is hands down a perfect 10. She is gorgeous with a radiant personality and genuinely interested in her man, not for who he is professionally but because he is so darn cool.

Update 6/2013: Our girl Jen posted the Instagram photo via her Twitter page recently which has gone completely viral, bring more well-deserved and apparently wanted attention on the goddess of American football.

Update 8/2013: Yes that really was Jen Bielema in a pig snout (picture in gallery). Is there no limit to this woman’s awesomeness?

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Video: Jen Bielema Interview