Everyone knows that professional wrestling is fake, but we didn’t know that the performers might not be taking their marriages seriously. So learned Elizabeth Huberdeau (Liz to friends), whose hubby reportedly blindsided her by filing for divorce. John Cena’s wife was reportedly reeling from the sting and ready to fight back, but you will read in the update at the bottom that a settlement was reached peacefully.

Photo: Liz Huberdeau (Liz Cena with John)

You all know him of course as the prolific winner of 12 world titles in the WWE and 19 championships. He has starred in three feature length movies and even has a rap album to his name called You Can’t See Me, which is exactly what he is saying to Elizabeth Cena these days.

The statement she issued through her lawyer shows a lot of fight: “Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements.”

And good for her. I hate it when athletes dump their WAGs for greener pastures. There is no knowing went went wrong in their relationship, whether he was cheating in an affair and such, but word is that she wanted to work through their problems. The women are always the strong ones in these relationships.

Biography: Liz Cena was born Elizabeth Huberdeau on September 28th, 1979 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, which is where she met John. After graduating high school she went off to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. She grew up with a sister named Ashley who she considers her best friend. When you visit her MySpace page, you can see how well they party together. Liz resides near Tampa, Florida with her soon to be ex-husband and lists her occupation as a real estate agent.

Huberdeau stands 5’6″ tall or 5’4″ tall depending on whom you want to believe, but her measurements are unknown. She has fabulous olive skin which is a result of her Italian heritage. Hopefully she did not have an Italian temper to go with it because that can chase away the boys. But we doubt it. We hear that Liz is a real sweetie.

She was married only three years ago in Boston on July 11th, 2009, when she finally became Mrs. Liz Cena, but they were high school sweethearts and long-time companions. You can see how beautiful she looks in white in the wedding announcement here.

She has no children with her husband despite some fan sites that claim otherwise. Shame on them! This was seemingly a true love story in the world of sports. They had known each other so long and gone through thick and thin together. The couple reportedly even lived out of their car for a short time in the early days.

Liz is way hooked into social media and has been for a long time. She actually has a MySpace page over here but it is only viewable to friends. You can follow her on Twitter over here while visit her Facebook page over there.

So here we have the story of another WWE WAG going down for the count, but John Cena’s wife is not going to stay down long. In fact, Elizabeth Huberdeau is already preparing for her day in court. Now blow up the photos, watch his marriage proposal in the video and tell us how you feel.

Update July 18th, 2012: We are happy to report that a divorce agreement has been reached peacefully in the end. What began as a war ended in a whimper, and that is a good thing for all parties concerned. The terms of their divorce are being kept confidential, and there is no statement on why they couple decided to end things so peacefully.

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