Sometimes love triangles get super icky and with bigamy it becomes the super ickiest. It seems that a woman named Tricianne Taylor married the ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon’s mom, but he was not quite divorced yet according to court papers, and we have the wedding photo to prove it.

Photo: Tricianne Taylor in wedding dress on left next to Dad, Betty Witherspoon on far right

You can blow this photo up in the gallery below. Dad seems to like blondes.

Once upon a time, Betty Witherspoon married John-the-daddy and had a beautiful little princess daughter named Reese. They should have lived happily ever after, but the parents split up somewhere along the way. That happens everyday in Hollywood, as it does in life, but in this case they were apparently not divorced.

So when mom read a wedding announcement that Reese’s dad got remarried to a woman named Tricianne Taylor in Tennessee, she realized that just cannot be a good idea and not just because she still loves him. She claims they are still married which would constitute bigamy, and she is suing his pants off for scorning her in such a legally awkward way.

Ironically the actress starred in a movie called The Covert Polygamy in 2009. You can see a video trailer below just for fun, but I digress. Now back to our story of woe.

So who is Tricianne Taylor? Biographical details are sketchy but we know she is a 60-years old, middle-aged blond woman who is pretty darn tall as you can see in the photo. This is her third marriage, or fourth if you count this one as two marriages.

Tricianne started a small business called Action Designs, Incorporated, which was a salon founded in 2002 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The company is no longer in business. She is philanthropic in nature, active in supporting U.S. veterans causes for soldiers returning from active duty overseas.

Mrs. Taylor married John Witherspoon in Tennessee on January 14th. The happy couple obtained a marriage license only three days before the ceremony so that plan does not seem so well thought out. You can read the wedding announcement for your very own selves in the Jackson Sun here. They claim to be first in news, but in terms of his marriages, they may be second.

He is is a doctor in charge who specializes in a medical discipline I have never heard of, but we can dutifully report that he is president of the Otolaryngology Associates in Tennessee. Yes I know, I looked it up myself. He is an ears, nose and throat doctor. John may be suffering from dementia according to the court filing. Betty says that “When I confronted my husband, he said he didn’t know who Tricianne Taylor was and that he did not remember getting married.”

Betty Witherspoon is also in the medical field. She is from Harriman, Tennessee, and is a professor of nursing at the prestigious Vanderbilt University medical school after a long career in pediatric nursing. Mom has a doctorate degree!

Details of the lawsuit are here. Now comment after you watch the highly pertinent video and view the photo gallery.

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Video: The Covert Polygamy