We all know that rappers have a hard time settling down. So learned gorgeous Dhea Sodano, who was just dumped from her lofty position as a musician’s main squeeze. Lil Wayne’s girlfriend is available once again, and there are plenty of guys jockeying to get at the front of her line as you can imagine from our photo gallery.

Photo: Dhea Sodano

Word is that Lil felt she was getting too big for her tiny britches. She started a Twitter account (details below) and posted in a men’s magazine. That was apparently too much for the control freak so he is letting her go. Some boys just cannot share the stage with their lover. And they were engaged to be married too.

Biography: Dhea Sodano has been dating her famous rapper boyfriend for almost one year this month. She was reportedly his finace earlier this year when the couple were spotted at a Laker’s game where she was sporting a giant rock on her wedding finger. No wedding day was set and the singer was coy about their future plans at the time.

She is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, and as you can see in her pictures she is from an Italian heritage on her father’s side of the family. Dhea still speaks the language She once worked as a cocktail waitress at Club Suede in Scottsdale, which is a dance club for men where she reportedly met her mate. You can see her photo from the club in the red dress below. There she went by Dhea Suede, one of the names she has used in the past in addition to Dhea Carter.

Dhea Sodano has long dark brown hair with hazel eyes that often turn green with flecks of brown in them. Her measurements are known because Dhea has a modeling profile which you can read here under the pseudonym Dhea Suede. She is 5’4″ tall with a great figure. Her measurements are 32B-22-34, all fitting in a size one dress but her weight is not listed. My guess is Dhea is less than 110 pounds.

Miss Sodano has studied acting at the Dearing Acting Studio and has appeared in at least one movie role on screen, and independent film called Cabras which was in Italian. She has also appeared in beauty pageants like the Miss Italia contest in 2008, and modeled for a couple of magazines although she has not posed nude for all we can tell.

There is a Facebook fan page for Dhea’s over here while there is a silly Twitter page dedicated to rooting our all the fake pages over here.

Watch them both in the video below and agree with me that they were such a cute couple, although you can tell he likes to lead her around as if she were on a leash. In fact he was lucky to have her and won’t do better with the next girl.

Photos of Dhea Sodano can be blown up below, but watch the video first before you tell us what you think of Lil Wayne’s girlfriend. I know his fans don’t like her very much but my view is what’s not to like?

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