Some girls like big guys who can slam dunk while others prefer guys who know how to handle a ball. Nina Earl is such a woman who is now the envy of women everywhere who have wanted to land one of the eligible bachelors in the NBA.

Photo: Nina Earl

He of course is the star point guard for the Oklahoma Thunder, now cruising their way through the playoffs on their route to an NBA championship. Everyone knows that this is a team for the ages, young enough and talented enough to build a dynasty in America’s heartland where Russell Westbrook’s girlfriend can cheer him on to victory for years.

So what exactly does Nina Earl want with Him and what do we know about her biography?

Nina Ann-Marie Earl was born on January 16, 1989 in her hometown of Upland, which is located in southern California. On her birthday this year she turned 23 years of old, just the right age to start settling down with a family (hint hint). And she is quite skilled in family life already, having three brothers who probably ran her ragged in sports.

And that is a good thing because Nina has an athletic profile you can study here that gives her a lot in common with her boyfriend. She starred on her high school varsity team which landed her a nice athletic scholarship to UCLA where she went on to be a good (not great) college player She was a first team All American as a Freshman, and in her senior year started about half of the lady Bruins’ games.

Miss Earl graduated from Diamond Ranch High School, which is a large public high school in Pomona, California, before graduating from UCLA just late year in 2011 with a liberal arts degree in English. She is very tall for a girl at 6’1″ in height so it is no wonder that Nina predominantly played the power forward position, but she was talented enough to play every sport on the floor at one time during her college career. Unfortunately we do not know her measurements and weight, which we like to give for our WAGs.

Nina’s interests are very diverse which is a good thing to keep Russell interested. In her spare time she likes listening to music and she knows her way around the kitchen thanks to basic training from her mom, Jennifer. She knows sign language, so while all the groupies are screaming at him from the stands, she can tell him “I love you” with a hand gesture. How cool is that?

She is also hip with social media so you can friend Nina on Facebook right here and show the love on her Twitter page over there.

You can hear Russell Westbrook’s girlfriend giving an interview at the end of a UCLA game in the video below. Also blow up the pictures of Nina Earl to examine fully what our favorite point guard has every night he is in town.

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Video interview