Just when we thought the royal class was having a quiet week, another one goes off the rocker. Jack Brooksbank is his name, and wild birthday parties are his game. Princess Eugenie’s boyfriend knows how to have a blimey good time, according to sources.

Photo: Jack Brooksbank

The possible future son-in-law of Sarah Ferguson turned a year older last week and media reports say his pals caused a scene at the restaurant where they were whooping it up. No less than the Duchess of York was there herself and had to apologize to the poor underpaid staff who were waiting on the jet setters. And the ruckus stirred complaints from other customers, some of whom were couples having a rare night out in the recession for a special dinner.

You can read more about the escapade here which occurred in London at an ethnic Italian restaurant where the commoners who eat there usually behave themselves with grace. Enough of that for it is after all just one night in the exciting life of a young bachelor. So who is he?

Jack Brooksbank has been described in the tabloid papers as having once been a waiter in Chelsea, England, which is all the more reason to bring better mannered friends to restaurants. He attended a pricey private school in Great Britain and his wealthy family owns two homes, including one in the vacation resort of Bordeaux, France. Read more about him here.

For a guy who lives life to its fullest it is difficult finding more information about Brooksbank’s public biography other than his date of birth, May 3rd 1985. He is not her first lover, and she has in fact dated him before. Princess Eugenie’s likes to run with the big-shots. She once dated Otto Brockway, who is the nephew of a most worldly man who also knows how to have a good time, Richard Branson.

We do know that Jack is big in socializing, but all his community pages are private. Still, you can find his Facebook page here and wonder what is behind an ancient MySpace page over here. How disappointing for us fans of royalty and who are tirelessly interested in their WAGs.

Now tell us what you think of things getting out of hand on Jack Brooksbank’s big day. Do you think he will be able to reign things in and marry a royal spouse, or is it time to wish Princess Eugenie a new boyfriend for her big wedding day of the future?

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