In an explosive kiss and tell interview, Dania Londono Suarez confirmed all the juicy details about her scandalous night with Secret Service agents in Cartagena Colombia. A video of the interview is included below, which you can watch in its entirety in Spanish but we have translated some of the most sensational parts into English because we know that you care. So read the partial transcript here and see the photos. We will link the full transcript in English when it is available.

Dania Suarez (Photos)

Update: she has now done a Today Show interview which you can watch below as well.

In the interview the Colombian hooker confirmed that for the right price she is posing nude. Dania Suarez Playboy photos are coming, ladies and gentleman, which we can safely predict will be one of the hottest selling issues of all time. What she said will make every Secret Service agent involved uncomfortable, and their flabby wives still angrier. But for rest of the 99% of us, bring it on baby!

“I am willing to do anything now. If I am paid a fair sum of money, I will undress naked in a magazine.”

Dania didn’t actually say Playboy magazine, but you know what is coming. Nobody will outbid Hugh Hefner for Dania Suarez, and it is after all the most prestigious and tasteful of the men’s magazines on the market. Expect that our hooker will be on the cover of Playboy later this year. For now we are left with her bikini pics, which you can find here and here.

The full interview is here but we have posted the video below.

Dania Londono Suarez recounts in lurid detail the events of that night in a Cartagena hotel room where she lured one American agent to his hotel bed doom. And it wasn’t even her idea. She didn’t know they were Secret Service agents, which is a good thing because she could have stolen laptops with highly sensitive information and a secret file containing Obama’s exact travel itinerary in Colombia.

“At no time did I realize they were responsible for Obama’s safety. When he fell asleep [after sex] I could have check his papers, his suitcase, and everything else.”

And Miss Londono Suarez says all ten or eleven agents were drunk as a skunk, and some even dancing on the top of tables in the wild nightclub where they were partying up a storm.

“In the club itself were many agents. There were ten or eleven of them. I left with one of them. The others had very undisciplined behavior, even climbing on the tables. They bought alcohol and I had water. The agent I left with was also a little drunk but he knew what he was doing. I thought he could afford me. I trusted him. He seemed so sure of himself [buying drinks] with his credit cards. He even gave me $50 to buy condoms.”

That must have been one hell of a night with a Colombian hooker and $50 worth of rubbers. We now know the (alleged) naughty agent’s name Arthur Huntington who you can read about here. All would be unknown to the world if he hadn’t been (allegedly) too cheap to pay her bill. She says they slept together but he had misgivings about her price after waking up in the morning. I mean, what drunken red-blooded American man hasn’t gone home with a bar chick at 1am and then woken up in the morning with misgivings?

“I begged him to give me my money but he locked himself in the room and would not open the door. Instead he shouted ‘go away, I will not pay’ . . . but I did not come for nothing. It’s a business.”

Dania eventually left in frustration and luckily for the scandal loving world quickly encountered a policeman outside. He returned to the room once more, arm in arm with Miss Suarez and knocked on the door again. The escalating scene was making the entire security detail uncomfortable, so they scrambled together some money and offered it to her.

“Between three agents together I got $250 and then I went home.”

Dania confirms that she had sex with the agent, but did not relate how many condoms were actually used in their bed.

“Yes, yes [the sex] happened, which made it more important that he should pay me my money.”

In the full video below you can watch the interview. Dania Suarez Playboy pictures are next on her agenda, since she is willing to pose naked and Hef will be willing to pay anything for his subscribers. These are obviously not the nude photos below, but they will have to do for now.

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