In a society that celebrates our star athletes cheating on their wives, knocking up their girlfriends, and fathering illegitimate children from too much hanky panky, isn’t it refreshing to hear about a normal child birth from a WAG? Adrienne Bosh (photos below) just had a baby the customary way, after marrying her NBA husband and actually having wifely sex. See her pictures and more in the gallery below, including a cool video from their wedding.

He of course is the All Star power forward for the Miami Heat, now competing in the 2012 playoffs for a chance at the championship that eluded their stacked team last year. Speaking of stacked, Chris Bosh’s wife is full of mother’s milk now and has already begun nursing their beautiful baby boy named Jackson Anthony Bosh. The child was born on May 3rd, 2012, weighing a respectable 8 pounds, and measuring 21 inches adorable head to cute little toes.

Adrienne Bosh is a homer and Twitter fanatic where she lists her town as “Miami, The Heat, FL.” She tweeted before and right after delivery from her hospital bed, and would have tweeted during if the doctor had not made her lay down. The thread is amusing when read here. While she was nursing and beginning to think about stretch marks, Adrienne took to her computer post-delivery to cheer on the team:

“Hard to see him [Chris] go, but gotta keep the eye on the prize during playoffs! Looking fwd to cheering on our @MiamiHEAT.Lets Go! #TeamBosh”

“He’s spoiled & smothered with love. RT @AmarisJones: With @MrsAdrienneBosh and all the aunties..baby Jackson is perfection.”

“Ok.. Now we are ready to go! Chris Bosh just walked in to cheering teammates. A full half hour before tip.”

“Aww . .Very cool to see him say “I love you” to his newborn son and wife in post-game interview.”

“A great win to end a great day!”

By the way, Adrienne puts smiley faces into every message which I’ve stripped out to save our readers from all of that darn happiness. You can find her Facebook page right here which is not as charming but full of her love of life. Her motto is “Loving Him, Loving Me! Loving Life, Loving God – Life is Good” with a smiley face, quite naturally.

Short biography: Adrienne Bosh was born April 17th, 1985, so she just turned 27 years old on her birthday last month. She was born and raised in Indiana where she spent most of her adult life until meeting her fabulous husband. She married him in July 2011 in Fontainebleau, Miami. You can see Pat Riley at the wedding doing his best not to look down her shirt here. We do not know her fabulous measurements but we do know her bras are supporting two breasts that can be used for basketballs.

You can find a lot more photos of Adrienne here and here. Just as you are, her baby is admiring her breasts as you read this informative article. And for the new boy, read all about little Jackson Anthony right here.

Now share your first thoughts, dear reader. As you congratulate the new baby’s arrival in the comments, as is only appropriate to do, tell us how you rate Chris Bosh’s wife on a scale of 1 to 10. I give her 7 for hotness, 1 for a terrific personality, and 1 for each knocker, so a perfect 10.

And who would argue?


Update: Adrienne Bosh was involved in a tragedy last week as she was in the hotel room where her hubby’s masseuse died. She was included on the 911 call that he made, and is recorded telling the dispatcher “She can’t breathe. Something weird’s going on. Oh my God.” The masseuse was rushed to the hospital and later passed away.

Update 2: Well well, we may have spoken too soon about the marital bliss experienced by this couple. Rapper Lil Wayne just told the world he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife. You can read all about it here.

Update 3: Adrienne is back in the news after a home robbery in which she lost of jewelry. You can read an update here.


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