The cast of the new season of Teen Mom 3 finally is coming together now. Oklahoma high school girl Mackenzie Douthit is one of the young ladies who is sharing her life’s story on the hit reality TV series.

Mackenzie Douthit (Photo)

Mackenzie was a cheerleader when she attended high school and the show is already hyping that bit of trivia. She first appeared last year on another reality television show called ’16 & Pregnant’ (season 4) in which she posed in her cheerleader’s uniform sporting a monster baby bump. She captured viewer’s hearts as the pretty and wonderfully sweet blond girl who is getting her life in order.

Biography: Mackenzie Douthit’s date of birth is October 17, 1994, so she is 17 years old today and will turn 18 on her birthday later this year. She is the daughter of a middle class family in Oklahoma who appears to have her head screwed on straight. Her family includes three siblings, two sisters (Kaylee and Whitney), and a brother named Zeke. Her mom (Angie) and dad (Brad) are still blissfully married. All of the women in the family are stunning beach blondes, including mom who is a third grade teacher and published author.

The teenage boyfriend who bagged her is now Mackenzie’s fiance, Josh Mckee. They are engaged to be married after the show is over. You can see more of him by blowing up his photos in the pictures gallery. Their baby was born in September 2011 so baby Gannon is just six months old today. You can see photos and read about the birth of this whopper of a baby here. Yes a 9 pound, 7 ounce baby really did pop out of this blonde’s bikini body.

The future Mrs. Mackenzie Mckee has the usual interests of wholesome girls everywhere, including horseback riding, gymnastics tumbling exercises, and especially her cheerleader squad when she attended Miami High School in her hometown of Miami, Oklahoma. Her primary passion is why there are many Mackenzie Douthit photos in which she sports her dance outfit and pompoms. She is now studying to be a cosmetologist at a trade school college.

Read more about Teen Mom 3 right here. The article mentions one of Mackenzie’s other three cast-mates named Alexandria Sekella, who is from Pennsylvania. Alexandria is a 17-year old mother of a baby named Arabella. Her boyfriend is named Matt McCann, but the young couple have reportedly split since he entered a drug rehab center at the end of last year. She has a lot more challenges ahead in her life than Mackenzie Douthit.

Having sex is inadvisable at 16, of course, and the consequences are now understood to both young women. Mackenzie explained on the show last year that she was worried about getting fat so she didn’t want to take birth control pills. Rubbers are an option two, so there is no excuse for having unprotected sex no matter how handsome they boy or how drunk the girl.

There are a ton of Facebook pages set up for Mackenzie Douthit, which were created by fans or the promoters of the series, but you can find her real page here. The same is true on Twitter. You can cut through all of the fan pages to find that she tweets a lot here.

On Mackenzie’s Facebook page she says the sweetest thing about her future husband and baby: “I am engaged to the most wonderful guy in the world. He treats me wonderful and we have a beautiful son named Gannon. They both are my everything.”

On the other hand, her boyfriend and future husband better keep treating her like a princess, because her favorite quotation is “I listen but don’t believe, I kiss but I don’t love, and I leave before I’m left.” Don’t think that way before your wedding day, girl.

Tell us any thoughts on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 3, especially any additional biographical details you know about Mackenzie Douthit any of her co-stars such as Alexandria Sekella.

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