Photos of Barack Obama’s girlfriends before he met Michelle have been until now non-existent, causing partisans to sometimes wonder aloud about the U.S. President’s sexuality. But now we meet Genevieve Cook, a woman who has finally stepped forward confessing to having bedded the leader of the free world when they were free-lovers in their early 20s.

Genevieve Cook

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She has provided interviews, love letters, and personal diaries written during her days as Obama’s girlfriend for a new book, which focuses not only on Genevieve Cook, but also on another woman named Alex McNear of Occidental College who was his first girlfriend. The book is called “Barack Obama: The Story,” which was written by David Maraniss, a well-respected journalist for the Washington Post newspaper.

Although Alex McNear got to him first, it was Genevieve Cook who was his first true love, known in his autobiography as the “New York girlfriend.” They dated for over a year and actually lived together for a short time in their love nest, an apartment in New York City. The entire span of their relationship lasted from January 1983 until May 1985.

Genevieve provided juicy personal details to the author whose publisher Simon & Schuster released some excerpts which were published in Vanity Fair in order to gin up interest in the work. She was a sexually active open-minded woman who wrote at the time that she enjoyed Obama’s “sexual warmth” and how much she enjoyed seeing him shirtless.

One quote from Miss Cook’s diary relates their intimate bedroom encounters this way: “I open the door, that Barack keeps closed, to his room, and enter into a warm, private space pervaded by a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits—running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.” The poetic commas are all her’s by the way.

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Biography: Genevieve Hogan Cook was born in Canberra Australia, the daughter of Michael J. Cook who was a diplomat and whose official travels frequently brought him to the USA. One of his posts was as the Ambassador to Vietnam. Her mom’s name is Helen Ibbitson of Melbourne Australia, but she divorced Cook when Genevieve was just 10 years old and later remarried an American man named Jessup which is how she ended up permanently in the States.

In the above picture, Genevieve Cook was 25-years of age, fully three years older than Him when they met at a Christmas party that was hosted by a co-worker at Chanticleer Press, where she worked for a short time during college. Humorously the affair was one of those bring-your-own-beer parties which we all remember in college, and she brought a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Creme, which was meant to make Irish coffees that evening. But she met Barack in the kitchen for the first time, and they drank straight out of the bottle.

At the time Genevieve was a graduate student at Bank Street College in New York were she eventually got her masters degree in education, and to help pay the bills she worked as a low-paid teacher’s assistant at a grammar school across the bridge in Brooklyn. Having no money for a place of her own she shacked up in her mom and stepfather’s apartment dwelling.

It was love at first sight for the woman who would soon be Obama’s lover. They had dinner later that week and slept together on that first date. Yes, this was in the days before STDs were considered by sexually active women like Genevieve.

After they split up, Obama’s ex-girlfriend married an Egyptian accountant named Mohamed Moustafa and then went by the hyphenated name Genevieve Moustafa-Cook. The wedding occurred in October 1988, three years after her now famous fling. Her sister Francesca and brother Alexander were both members of the wedding party. You can still read the marriage notice of Mrs. Moustafa in the New York Times here.

A woman named Genevieve Cook joined a little known social networking site called italki in 2008. Her profile page was deleted within the past few days but we saved a copy, and at least for a time you can find a cached version here. It is she says “I would like to learn Arabic so that I may read the Quran and pray properly.” We don’t know if this is the Obama girlfriend or not, but if so it will be fodder for his opponents.

So this is all we know about Genevieve Hogan Cook except that she is 5’7″ tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. Now we are curious about reader comments. What do you think of this second Obama girlfriend (more photos below), the first love of his life?

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