Directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been working on a big screen adaptation of The Three Stooges for nearly a decade. Back in 2009, it seemed as if their plan was finally coming together when Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, and Benicio del Toro became attached to their project. Unfortunately, they’re involvement was doomed from the start. Penn left the film due to personal reasons, Carrey dropped out soon after, and del Toro hung on by a thread before finally moving on.

Despite the many setbacks, The Farrellys became even more dedicated to making the film. After months of rumors and speculation, it looks like the first official “Stooge” has been found. Will Sasso is the new Curly Howard!

The Three Stooges are one of the most famous comedic acts of all time. They had a unique look, and a distinct brand of screwball comedy they performed in various shorts and specials. The trio consisted of Larry, Moe, and Curly, the latter of whom Sasso definitely embodies. Curly was known for his lack of hair, his high pitched voice, and his stocky build.

As for the other two members of the team, Hank Azaria has emerged as a front runner to play Moe Howard, the older, controlling brother of Curly. Azaria has done his fair share of character work and he’s a master of disguise. We’re sure he could bring the role to life. On the other hand, Larry might not be so lucky.

James Marsden has surprisingly stepped forward as a likely candidate to play Larry Fine. If cast, this will definitely be one of those cases where the actor has to “ugly” themselves up for a role. Marsden has comedic experience, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but his striking good looks might be. What do you think of Sasso playing Curly Howard? Who should play Moe and Larry?