Remember Jessica Zellars? She is the woman who scandalously claimed that Ryan O’Neal may have fathered an illegitimate love child with her, you know, out of wedlock and everything. Bad news has been piling on him lately but he denied the baby since the news reports first broke.

(Ryan’s wife)

She is the last person in the world whom the actor needed to be hearing from this year. He is coping with the death of his beloved wife, Farrah Fawcett, and just learned that he will have to battle cancer which is always a difficult proposition for a man of his age, even actors who can afford the best medical care. These past months have indeed been a losing streak for Ryan, so now he had to hear about a woman claiming she had an affair with him which produced a love child. She believed a baby boy born in February was due to a brief affair the two had in Malibu, California. Could it be true?

He denied it — of course — they all do at first. But Ryan came out aggressively and put his paternity test where his mouth is. Not only did he deny the child was his, but he said they never had sex. The statement he issued through his representative took a rather firm stance about Jessica Zellars’ baby.

“This woman’s claim is ridiculous and false. She has been harassing and stalking Ryan. He never had a personal relationship with her. This will be the first time a woman got pregnant without having sex.” Read that zinger here.

But Jessica Zellars would not take no from her wannabe baby daddy quite so easily. Her lawyer demanded a voluntary paternity test from O’Neal which she thought would prove he fathered the baby. We all knew what that meant — smart people don’t ask for incontrovertible evidence when you don’t already know the answer. But to everyone’s surprise, Ryan agreed to the test!

And guess what? DNA test results are back and Jessica Zellars will reportedly have to look elsewhere for her baby daddy. His camp is saying that he took the paternity test which completely exonerated him. Read for yourself here.

So who is Jessica Zellars exactly? She is a 35-year old woman probably living in Malibu, California, where she says the affair occurred. Her age would have made her exactly half the age of her disproved baby daddy. She may be the same woman near Malibu by that name who just changed her Twitter profile to Jessica Oblio, but we cannot be sure. She tweeted about eating at Charlie’s Malibu Beach House, a local restaurant she frequents, and going to the local lumber yard. A YouTube video was also deleted.

The Jessica Zellars photo from her Twitter page is below, showing how the Google cache copy matches the new account Jessica Oblio. She is a striking woman about the right age with brown hair and a fresh look.

Normally we like Hollywood scandals as much as the next person but in this case we have to feel glad. Leave him alone to deal with his grief and his own illness and everything else falling apart in his life these days. The paternity test proved it, so let’s get on with the show.

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Jessica Zellars