We hate to bring you tragic news on a website like this one that is meant to entertain, but we want to tell you about Gina Deboer Seau, photos below, the beautiful woman who stood by her man for so many years while raising three children. Junior Seau’s ex-wife and family are grieving at this hour because of some terrible news.

Gina Deboer (Photo)

Her ex-husband, the hall of fame bound former San Diego Charger’s linebacker was found dead this morning at the age of 43 in Oceanside, California, a beautiful coastal town just north of the NFL city. Suffering from depression, he took his own life after sending text messages to Gina and their three kids the day before telling them simply “I love you.”

He is survived by Gina Deboer and his teenage children with her so we dedicate the rest of this article to telling you what we know about them. He reportedly also had a forth illegitimate child more recently. Seau’s girlfriend is Megan Noderer, the women who found him unresponsive in his San Diego home. Nolan is another pretty blond woman.

Biography: Gina Deboer married her NFL husband in 1991 and took his last name as Gina Seau. Their marriage endured 11 years total, which was at times challenging as he struggled with life on the road, injuries, and numerous comebacks after retiring several times. Life as a sports WAG is often difficult. You either travel with your husband from town to town or stay at home not seeing each other for weeks on end during the season.

And yet she managed to start a family and manage their home in the San Diego area for so many years. Their first child was a daughter named Sydney, who was born in 1993 and is now 18 years old. Jake Ryan was their first boy, born in 1995 and is 16. And there is Hunter Tiaina, their second son and baby of the family, now 12 years old born in 2000. You can see in the family photo that the boys are going to be big and athletic like dad. Several of his relatives have played professional sports or been drafted.

Gina Deboer is from the San Francisco bay area, originally from Danville and graduating class of 1985 from a private Christian high school in Walnut Creek. Both towns are located in the east bay suburbs. From there she journeyed to San Diego State University for four years where she graduated college in 2005. She currently lives in Rancho Santa Fe in southern California.

Her interests include modern art, Italian food, lacrosse, and of course being a mommy. She is also keen on charitable works. Gina helped with the Junior Seau Foundation when they were married, which helps poor kids, and is a supporter of the Brees Dream Foundation which also helps kids. She is also involved with local causes in the Bay Area.

Gina is still single today, but anyone who has been through divorce knows that dating with kids can be challenging. On the other hand, he had a girlfriend, Mary Nolan. Gina’s Facebook page is over here but we cannot locate a Twitter page.

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