Some guys move quickly after divorce, and in this case it has only been one month. Just ask Abigail Klein who according to media reports has gone from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to part-time actress to hall of fame quarterback Troy Aikman’s girlfriend in lickety split time. Photos are below as well as a video of him giving her roses and one of her dancing.

Abigail Klein

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Nobody knows exactly why he split with wife of ten years, Rhonda. The divorce was amicable and neither party is talking to the media. Their close knit circle of friends is keeping a lid on things as well but people are asking the obvious now. He just must have known Abigail while he was married, right? That doesn’t mean they had an affair, of course.

Well in fact it doesn’t even mean that Troy Aikman’s “girlfriend” is his lover at all. People can be just friends with or without benefits, and famous athletes have a lot of friends to be sure. Less frequently they will be handing out flowers to an obviously starstruck girl in a video that appeared on TMZ, but maybe he is just being nice. Hmm.

Regardless she was identified by a website right here although we have to say the girl in the video also looks a lot like another blonde Cowboys cheerleader named Kandi Mahan who recently tweeted about wearing her “MAHAN” jersey and whose pic is below in the gallery wearing His shirt. But back to Abigail, who is this new girl?

Biography: Abigail Klein is not quite a nobody. Her filmography includes four acting roles to her name including playing a nanny part in one episode of a daytime television series, The Young and the Restless. She also appeared in 90210, and just finished filming her first movie role, a small part in Adam Sandler’s new film called That’s My Boy. Study her acting profile here.

Her family lives in Charlotte North Carolina, where she spends a lot of time. Her hometown is Coppell, Texas where Abigail graduated from Coppell High School where she honed her cheerleading skills at an early age. That experience gave her excellent credentials for strutting her stuff in the NFL.

She is now 23 years old and her birthday is either December 24th or January 1st depending on whom you want to believe. Abigail has gorgeous long blond hair and light grey eyes. She stands 5’8″ tall according to her modeling profile here but sadly they do not list her measurements or weight. She looks great in a bikini and wears them as often as possible.

When Miss Klein was a cheerleader for her favorite NFL team, she gave an interview that is not to be missed still up on the official website. You can read it there and see some cheerleader photos. It will reveal the things we care most about, her favorite movies, books, and TV shows. And no, Troy was not her favorite player.

Abigail has a lot of hobbies, some of which we care about. She can pluck a guitar and enjoys country music and hip hop. She loves dancing which is a good thing for a cheerleader, likes reading and napping which is understandable. She knows how to bake cookies which will make her a good wife and mom someday. She is also a do-gooder who supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Abigail Klein is way hooked into the social media scene. You can follow her on a Twitter page located here, while she even has an old MySpace page here. Who uses that anymore? Not her because she wisely moved on to Facebook being the hipster chick that we expect. See there, that’s better.

So that is what we think we know about Troy Aikman’s girlfriend. Any corrections and additions are appreciated in the comments, but answer this question first. Do you really think they are doing it or just friends?

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