You know the other two individuals in this relationship as TV stars, but relatively unknown Keven Undergaro just might be asking a few questions lately. Maria Menounos’ boyfriend is hopefully not the jealous type, but sources are reporting that her dance partner on Dancing with the Stars is getting a little too close for comfort, especially with all that kissing going on.

Keven Undergaro (Photo)

Maria is dancing with Derek Hough this season. The two seem in perfect unison having scored the first perfect 10s (30 score) in the show this week. Given all the hanky panky that happens between hot and heavy dance partners, the National Enquirer is questioning if there is more to it than meets the eye.

In fact our eyes have witnessed at least two kisses between the couple on the television show, one of which you can see over and over (set to love music) in the cheesy video we just had to post below. And a source says that the two have been spotted at sporting events and having “private lunches” together.

I don’t know what a private lunch is, but it creates quite an image in the mind’s eye. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the back seat is it? I think not, and I think the magazine is stirring up trouble that never came looking but you can read their report here.

Personally I think the kissing is staged for ratings, part of show biz you know. And Keven should have nothing to worry about. He is a handsome hunk, and Derek is, well, he is just a boy. No classy woman like Maria would trade a hunk for a boy. Everyone knows that.

So who is Keven Undergaro other than a man who cannot spell Kevin? He is a very, very patient man who has been in waiting as Maria Menounos’ boyfriend for over ten years. The couple met on the set of Singled Out, which was a relatively unknown television series on the MTV network in the late 1990s. He was a writer on the show and their chance crossing put him arm in arm with her for all these years.

Undergaro has now gone to the other side of the camera himself, having recently hosted other MTV programs such as Mob Wives, Mad Men, and Challenge Battle of the Exes. Entire episodes of these problems are available on YouTube so you can find videos there if you want to see him in action.

Keven is also a television producer and the creator of the Afterbuzz TV website here which allows people to watch some programs they have missed, chat about shows that just aired, and most importantly tells the phone number for reality show voting just like his girlfriend is on today.

As if all that is not enough, he has dabbled in writing, co-authoring a New York Times best selling book called The Everygirl’s Guide To Life. My hunch is that every girl wants a wedding band sooner or later, so you can all go to Keven’s Twitter page here and tell him to get engaged today. She is already 33 years of age so that biological clock is ticking down, buddy.

Biographical details such as date of birth and hometown are difficult to come by for Keven, but we do think he attended Emerson College along with his wife-to-be when they were very early in their careers. And we can say for sure that he looks like a manlier version of Mulder on the X-files, but that is obvious to anyone.

We cannot locate Keven’s Facebook page which is disappointing for a hip New Yorker. We understand that he only rarely attends red carpet events so he is a bit of a hermit. Although for a hermit he really likes tweeting provocative pics of Maria, like the one of her getting ready in the bathroom below.

We found something on a MySpace fan page for Keven Undergaro and Maria here but it turns out to contain just a single picture. You can find three more pics of the couple together here. The rest is just up to your imagination.

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Video: Maria Menounos Kisses Derek Hough