Ewe. That is just the beginning of what to say when we hear the story of Mistie Atkinson, the California woman who is in trouble with the law. Authorities say she did something very naughty with her own 16-year old son that is not only gross but also illegal, and they allegedly have the video tape to prove it.

Photo: Mistie Atkinson Booking Mugshot

Please remember that a woman is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law so these are allegations of incest at this point. The story goes that police in Napa Valley, California found Mrs. Atkinson in a hotel room with her son when they visited the room on an unrelated matter. They were in bed doing it, and later found some damning evidence on his cellular phone.

They say that there is a sex tape of Mistie Atkinson and nude photos show her having sex with her biological son on an earlier occasion. The father (name unknown) is none too please and has reportedly obtained a restraining order to keep the boy away from his mom. They are divorced and she was reportedly not given custody rights in the divorce settlement for reasons that are unknown. She has told a court that she is not guilty of incest and these uncomfortable matters so she will have her day in court. Again, these are allegations that are as of now unproven. Read more here.

All we know of Mistie is that she is reportedly a 32-year old woman who lives in Northern California. If that age is correctly given, she was a very early breeder who was having sex herself before she was old enough to consent in the state. Our research indicates that there is a Misty R. Atkinson living in Nice, California which is near Clear Lake. She has formerly lived locally in Manchester and Santa Rosa.

Mistie Atkinson’s Facebook page might be this one but she has made her settings private and removed her profile photo so we cannot be sure. Judging by her booking photo, which shows women at their worst times, she is quite beautiful on the outside which goes to prove that beauty is sometimes only skin deep. She has long dark brown hair, light grey or green eyes, full lips, and grooms herself well judging by her plucked eyebrows and makeup.

I’ve never heard of mother son sex before, and this case includes a sex tape involved. Just a horrible concept that we can hope is untrue when all the facts are known.

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