Every boyfriend likes a girlfriend in bed. Girls such as Paige Brendel like themselves in bed with their boyfriends asleep. See the hilarious photos that Brett Lawrie’s girlfriend posted on her Twitter page which shows what can happen when your lover’s back is turned. Blow them up for sure.

Paige Brendel: (Photos)

He is the heartthrob rookie third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes, they really do play American baseball in Canada, and they have the American girlfriends to prove it.

Biography: Paige Brendel leads a busy life. In addition to bedding an emerging baseball star, she is currently working in an assisted living care center where there are lots of beds while still attending college at ASU. As best we can tell she splits time between Victoria in British Columbia, Canada and Arizona where she goes to school.

Paige graduated from Boulder Creek High School in Anthem, Arizona, way back in 2009 where she was a star soccer player and a high school cheerleader. Miss Brendel then began college life at Glendale Community College where she played forward on the soccer team. Her athletic profile page can be found here.

She is just finishing up her junior year at Arizona State University. Paige expects to graduate in June, 2013 with a degree in broadcast journalism. That will mean a lot of airtime as a sideline reporter, or some such gig, and who would deny it to her? By the way, we cannot find Paige’s vital statistics online because she has overlooked modeling so far, so if you can secretly weight her and measure her body for us that would be appreciated.

Update: Done! According to a friend named Laura, Paige is 115 pounds, 5’5″ tall with an “athletic toned” body which is all we need to know about her assets. A few things in life are best left mysterious. Oh, she has blue eyes and is naturally blond according to our source.

We do know that her interests include keeping her awesome body in shape at the gym, dancing, and snowboarding. Paige’s Facebook page explains that her favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks (oops!), and her biggest turnoff is “guys who take pictures of themselves with their shirts off.” Granted, she has nothing to say about girlfriend who take pictures of guys with their shirts off in bed.

As Brett Lawrie’s girlfriend, her first order of business in their relationship was getting the tattoos removed from his arm. Girlfriends never like it when their boyfriends have the names of ex-fiances tattooed all on their body, so the three bagger reportedly went through a painful procedure to get the name of Sydney Leroux of his throwing arm. Those must have really sucked in bed. Good for him doing the right thing because Paige is clearly worth a little effort. By the way, the ex was a soccer star as well so our cleverest readers will detect a pattern.

We have to give credit to the sports gossip site Busted Coverage for dutifully reporting the existence of these pics, and the existence of Paige herself right here. Without crack sports reporting like they do, a lot of sports WAGs would fall through the cracks, or fall through the sheets as the case may be told.

You can go right to the source on Paige’s Twitter page which is located here, where you can note her good looks come from her mom, and she also has a Facebook page not to be missed here. You can friend her or follow her, and hope that someday she returns the favor. Just don’t expect Paige to ever follow your lead in bed.

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