A break in the case of Alisa Dmitrijeva was made this week, and none too soon for her family members and friends who miss her. They have been seeking justice since her body was discovered on New Year’s Day 2012 after she had been missing for three months.

Alisa Dmitrijeva (Photo)

The news is that two individuals have been arrested on suspicion of murder in the case. They are undergoing questioning by British authorities but it is not known if they have confessed, and their names have not been released. They have not yet been charged in the case. Under British law, bringing criminals to justice is a two step process. First they are arrested on “suspicion” and then they are either released or charged.

All we know is where they are from and their ages. They are both men who who knew her from living in Alisa’s adopted hometown of Wisbech. One is 31 and the other 27. Alisa’s body was found by a random jogger with a puppy on the extended grounds of Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate mansion which is located in Norfolk, England.

A rationale is not known for why Miss Dmitrijeva was killed, but rape is often the motivation in these cases although it may also be related to her reported drug habits. Given that the pair knew her, we can only speculate about what happened in the hours after she was last seen at a beach parking lot nearby. Read more here and the original report from January which describes the crime scene here.

Biography: Alisa Dmitrijeva lived to just 17 years old, born in her native Latvia on the European continent before she traveled to England for study abroad. To make expenses manageable she was living with her grandmother, whose name is Lidija Nesterova, in the sleepy English village of Wisbech. She was there studying at West Anglia College, which is the equivalent of a high school level trade school in the United States, a place for students to get a useful degree who may or may not continue their education at a university.

Alisa was studying to be a beautician while learning the English language in school. Her hobbies included riding her bicycle all over town and dancing in the local pubs. She was reportedly popular with boys at the school and partied at the bars just like every other girl does in England. It was at those nightclubs that she might have first made contact with the wrong men who were eventually responsible for her death.

More of Alisa’s profile can be found here. They report that Alisa was a “drug-addicted wild child” whose life was spinning out of control. She relocated to England to start a new life but things seemed to get worse for her there, without the kind of adult supervision she was subjected to in Latvia. She was skipping classed in college and hitting her family up for money. It is thought that the money was used for drug and alcohol consumption. She posted for at least one provocative picture which you can blow up below.

Alisa’s Facebook page was originally here but the settings on it have been set to private. There is a memorial page here which was created the week after her body was found. The photos of Alisa Dmitrijeva are from that page.

You can watch the YouTube video report below which originally covered the disappearance of Alisa Dmitrijeva. Pictures are also below which you can enlarge if you want.

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