Sometimes the daughters of Hollywood celebrities lead a good, clean life. And sometimes they are like Courtney Wagner who stands accused of doing naughty things. Natalie Wood’s daughter just might be leading a swinger’s life, just like her famous mom and dad. Biography and photos below.

Photo: Courtney Wagner (center)

Update: 5/29/12: All charges in the case against Courtney have been dropped in Los Angeles. The District Attorney is reportedly not pursuing the case because the deputies who recovered drugs in her possession did not have probable cause for the search. That is a very lucky outcome for her, and hopefully will serve as a wakeup call to get bad influences out of her life. She is a lovely lady who deserves a happy life.


The daughter of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner was arrested this week in a free-for-all that occurred in her home. There was apparently a wild party going on at her house which included drugs and rock and roll. Everything you would expect except for the sex, so we leave that to your imagination.

When a 911 operator was called from Courtney Brooke Wagner’s home, a woman was heard screaming and a gunshot went off in the background. How is that for a wild west party? Nobody was injured but when police showed up at the residence, they found what you might expect to find. Courtney was arrested for possession of heroine and cocaine. Those are hard core drugs, not the normal stuff of a recreational drug user. Read all about it here.

Biography: Courtney Wagner was born in Hollywood California and currently lives in Malibu having spent almost all of her life around the Los Angeles area. She was born of one of the most famous marriages in Hollywood history. Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were married twice, first in 1957 and divorced in 1962, and then later in 1972 until the actress’ death in a mysterious boating accident that is still the subject of wide speculation.

Courtney was their only child, born March 9, 1974 which means that she just got older. Miss Wagner celebrated her birthday last month and is now 38 years of age. She has shoulder length blond hair and big brown eyes like her mother.

Courtney has been touched with tragedy more than many people could bear. Beyond losing her mother when she was just 7 years old, she also lost a fiance named Max Leroy in 2005. Courtney Brooke Wagner’s boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident around Thanksgiving that year. Prior to that tragic experience she had another long-term relationship with a man named Stephen Dorff which did not work out. So she is straight rather than a lesbian as suggested here.

Miss Wagner is reportedly estranged from the entire side of her mom’s family and did not even attend her grandmother’s funeral. The conflict may be over her dad’s tireless implication in her mom’s drowning. Read more of her biography here.

That is too bad because Courtney had a doting mother who loved her immensely despite her busy career. Natalie was once quoted as saying ” I love acting and I know I could have been working all the time. There was a period in my life where I just went from picture to picture. I really didn’t have any other life. I felt rather empty and I guess I was. You must be able to give something back in life. I’ve discovered being a mother puts things in wonderful perspective, I’m so happy that I’m terrified! You can be working on a set where everything seems a matter of life and death, when suddenly you get a phone call that one of your kids has come down with a fever. All at once that becomes much more important than some movie where an actor is throwing a tantrum on the set.”

We do know that Courtney is still close to her half-sister, actress Natasha Gregson. See more Courtney Wagner photos below and a heartwarming video and then tell us what you think. With cocaine and heroine, she appears to be on a bad track, but there may be more than meets the eye to her story. Perhaps she took the fall for a friend.

We have been unable to locate Courtney’s Facebook or Twitter pages although this girl looks a lot like her but is not her. Please help us in the comments.

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