We know that some women get excited easily in bed, and other women get excited for other reasons. Ashton Wilson is one of those other woman who knows when to get her groove on. She is Russell Wilson’s wife, rookie quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks who you can see in the photos.

Photo: Ashton Wilson

She reacted so overwhelmingly when his name got called in the 3rd round of the NFL draft that she almost swallowed her cute puppy and spilled coffee all over her studly hubby. Yet miraculously Ashton did not do either of those things, displaying an astounding level of athleticism and coordination worthy of the finest professional football quarterbacks.

Women from North Carolina can do that sort of thing from what I hear so who is this football wife who knows how to have a great time?

Biography: Ashton Wilson was born Ashton Meem in 1987 in North Carolina where she grew up. She is an only child who attended a Catholic high school where she was a competitive freestyle swimmer and first met her future husband.

It was not love at first sight, however, as the couple did not begin dating until the following summer. They continued their budding romance after he left for college to Georgia where she eventually followed him like women sometimes do, then on two Wisconsin where he graduated.

But first the future Mrs. Wilson wisely finished college. Ashton graduated from North Carolina State University where she obtained a degree in Communications. She likes going to movies, working out, cooking, travel, and photography. Ashton currently works in North Carolina in a marketing job at an insurance company.

Ashton just married her husband on January 14th, 2012 in Virginia. You can read about their big wedding day here and the romantic story about how he actually proposed. How cute!

She has pretty grey-blue eyes and long blond hair which she usually keeps straight. Ashton Wilson is now 24 years of age. Unfortunately we do not know her measurements, weight, or height because she has not done any modeling where such important details are publicly available. Help us in the comments if you live near her and can secretly solicit this information with a scale and measuring tape.

She is not afraid to be herself. Ashton left her wedding in a hot white jumpsuit instead of a traditional dress, explaing “women used to leave weddings in a formal suit, and I wanted to do that with a twist.” Who doesn’t love a twisted woman?

Ashton also loves her dogs ALOT. Not only is she holding her favorite dog in the picture, but she happens to have more photos of puppies on her Twitter page than her husband. As if that isn’t bad enough, she referred to her two dogs as “my rainy day cuddle bugs” in a recent tweet and even went so far as to add the dreaded smiley face at the end of her 128 characters.

Sorry Russell, but you can always tell where a guy stands by where a woman focuses her lenses and how she tweets. But that’s okay. With a hot WAG like Ashton, I’m fairly sure that he doesn’t mind being number two. And by the way there are zero pictures of Russell Wilson’s wife on his Facebook page. I sense conflict.

Ashton’s twitter page can be found here and she even has an old WordPress blog which she used in college here, but we cannot locate her Facebook page.

You can see a video movie that she made of Russell as a baseball player back when she was still Ashton Meem in college. How sweet!

Now tell us what you think of Ashton Wilson, and as usual rate her on a scale of 1 to 10. I personally rate her a 7 for hotness, plus one for a great athletic swimmer’s body, and 2 more for personality which matters somewhat in a wife, so adding all that up she is a 10. Especially blow up the picture in a green outfit to see her girly form.

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