When things went wrong on the set of Glee, the smart producers had a smart backup plan. Meet Tara Beaulieu, the Australian actress and model who stood in on the set as Lindsay Lohan’s body double last week. We are sure you will agree that they made a wise move. Tara’s photos prove it.

Photo: Tara Beaulieu

You all know by now that the actress was reportedly hours late for her guest appearance on the show. That is nothing new of course. When is Lindsay ever on time for anything? She missed her court appearances regularly and just missed an airplane flight to take her to the White House correspondence dinner. A girl who is late for Obama will be late for her own funeral.

But in Hollywood the show must go on, so Tara Beaulieu was inserted to play the part of Lindsay in the Glee show until the actress arrived. She was selected because she has a banging body like the debutante with exactly the same measurements. Especially matching the actress’ ample breasts was important to pull off the fakery. So who is this Australian hottie?

Biography: Tara Beaulieu is mainly known as an Australian model and an aspiring actress with some roles as TV presenter but few other credits on film yet. But the show was a great break for her and she says was a lot of fun as you can read here in an interview.

Her measurements are 35C-24-34 which makes her an exact body double for Lindsay Lohan. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs a feathery 105 pounds fitting into a size 2 dress. Tara has gorgeous deep blue eyes and flowing blond hair. More of her modeling profile is here and here.

Miss Beaulieu is now 28 years and has tons of modeling credits in her portfolio. Although she will not do nude photoshoots, Tara has layouts in Vogue and Rolling Stone magazine, plus all the favorite men’s magazines like Ralph, FHM and Zoo.

And yes indeed, Tara was a Maxim girl which puts her at the pinnacle of ogling eyes everywhere. She looks great in lingerie and swimsuit pics, or lighting up a fashion magazine in elegant evening dress.

Tara Beaulieu currently lives close to the star scene in West Hollywood, California, but as I mentioned is originally from Australia. That means she has a sexy accent which just goes perfectly with a hot body. You can hear her talk her walk in the video below. What’s not to like?

You can follow Tara on Twitter right here which has an extensive image gallery and her Facebook page is here.

Now tell us what you think of Tara Beaulieu but answer this question. Whose body is better: Lindsay or Tara?

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Video: Tara Beaulieu