Who is this man and why is he smiling? Because she is Sarah Hinton, former Hooter girl who will soon be strutting her hooters as as an NFL WAG. The best word to describe Garrett Celek’s girlfriend is H-O-T, undoubtedly, and I am sure you will agree when you see all of her pictures in the gallery.

Update: More pics of Sarah are added in the gallery below.

He is the tight end from the Michigan State Spartans who is projected to be a second round pick in the NFL draft or make a team as a free agent. He is super fast which helps him keep up with his girlfriend. Speaking of tight ends, let us return promptly to Sarah Hinton without further delay because nobody cares enough about him except for Sarah and we do not want to lose your interest.

Biography: Sarah Hinton was Miss July in the 2012 Hooters Calendar and a substantial contestant in the running to win the 2012 Hooters Dream Girl competition, for which she would have surely received this author’s vote if I had bothered to vote at all. Unfortunately she did not win gold (my fault), but her legacy lives on in our hearts.

She graduated from Michigan State at the mid-term in December 2011, beating her boyfriend by one full semester. Sarah’s major was graphics design, so she is good with the visuals and I dare anyone to refute it. She loves the Green Bay Packers and of course, loves Michigan State football. She has not missed a single home football game for the Spartans where she can watch Garrett’s tight end.

Sarah Hinton was born October 27, 1989 and currently makes her home in Lansing, Michigan. She is just a baby of 22 years old, but undeniably a babe worth having for her lucky boyfriend. Garrett Celek’s girlfriend is a self-described tomboy. She likes hunting, fishing, and bow hunting, and of course her favorite sport is football. Her hobby is landscape photography, but my hobby is landscape photography with Sarah in the pics.

Don’t be fooled by imposters. Miss Hinton’s real Twitter page is right here which has a substantial gallery and you can find her Facebook page over there with a million swimsuit pics. And you can find her official Hooter’s page here where she explains that in dating that she hates “one-uppers and cocky attitudes.”

Now watch the Youtube video interview of Sarah Hinton in a swimsuit where she says “I can have a good time anywhere I go.” Oh my. Now blow up the pictures and have fun, you all.

More pictures of Sarah Hinton
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Video: Hooter’s Dream Girl Sarah Hinton