Competitive football requires diversions and Nicole Pechanec is one such diversion for a star athlete hoping to make it big in the NFL as you can see in her photos. Andrew Luck’s girlfriend, a hot gymnast at Stanford keeps the quarterback warm at night when he isn’t throwing balls around on the pitch.

Photo: Nicole Pechanec

He was drafted first overall pick in 2012 by the Indianapolis Colts and stands to cash in with a very huge paycheck after the dust clears over their contract negotiations. But one thing he hasn’t negotiated yet with his girlfriend is a wedding date. I think it is time for him to settle down, and Nicole seems like the perfect young woman to make a wife.

And the timing is good too. She is currently a senor at Stanford and will graduate just in time to join the other hot WAGs at the stadium, cheering him on to victory next year. That is assuming that he plays at all. Cracking the starting job is difficult for a rookie and inadvisable really while they learn the system.

Biography: Nicole Pechanec was born in Newark and later raised in Kenilworth, New Jersey. To give her more time for training, she was homeschooled as a girl, eventually graduating from Keystone National High School, an online school.

Her mom Yvette Pechanec is a former competitive gymnast and then a coach at Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center, which is located in Allentown Pennsylvania, where Nicole refined her craft. Mom was on the Czech national team, back when it was behind the iron curtain and those athletes were super good. Her dad is from that country as well.

In fact Nicole is a member of the Czech national team herself where she goes by Nicole Pechancova, an ethnic name that fits in better with the country and doesn’t confuse anyone. I’m not sure that Pechanec is easier to spell, but is surely easier to pronounce than Nicole Pechancova. Her team won the world championships in 2006 and 2007. Indeed the girl has talent as you can learn from studying her athletic profile right here.

So Miss Pechanec grew up on the gym floor as a little girl and continued her competitive passion at Stanford University where she is a star gymnast. Nicole was named second team All-Academic honors at the school, and second team All-Pac 10 on her specialty, floor exercises. The video at the bottom of this article shows her doing her famous floor routine.

Here is an interview with Nicole where she discussed the shock of going from a homeschooling environment to real classes with real teachers at Stanford.

She appears to have no time for Facebook or Twiiter but you can follow all the Stanford girls on their official Twitter page which is right here. Believe it or not, Luck’s own Facebook page has no pictures of his girlfriend but contain a godawful number of him. What an ego!

Now for her vital statistics. Nicole Pechanec stands 5’4″ tall which seems tall for gymnastics. She is obviously petite but her weight is unknown as unfortunately are her measurements. When she goes into modeling, which she really should someday, we’ll know all the juicy details.

So Andrew Luck’s girlfriend is one fit woman and she likes to exercise on the floor, which makes him one lucky guy, although a guy without a wife. Now tell us what you think of Nicole Pechanec while answering this important question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate her?

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Video: Nicole Pechanec (floor exercise)