Must be a slow news day. From the world’s reaction to Paris Jackson’s bikini photos, one might think the teenage daughter of Michael Jackson was turning into a scandalous attention-getting tramp. I look at them and say, ho hum, here is another girl in a swimsuit and humanity needs to take a chill pill.

Photos: Paris Jackson Bikini Pics
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Michael Jackson’s daughter surely grew up in a famous family. Her dad was one of the most important cultural icons of the 20th century, and then there is her auntie and uncles who formed that old group of lovable kids steered by the overbearing weight of her grandfather.

So if Paris Jackson wants some recognition, some little bit of media fame, who can blame her? But that isn’t what she is doing in these bikini photos at all. In fact, the girl has stayed out of the limelight as much as possible and for that she can be commended.

She is now 13-years old and posted the pics on her Twitter page. They were since deleted but picked up by bloggers and media sites. You can see her Twitter page here.

Any bloke who goes to her swimming pool and see Paris Jackson in a bikini swimsuit, and anytime she goes to the beach (hold your collective breaths, readers), yes, I’m afraid that the young lady wears a swimsuit. There is nothing scandalous at all about the bikini pics. Get a life people.

You can read in the comments the outrage that people feel about these photos. One commenter’s typical reaction was a follows:

“Kids acting to damn grown instead of posting bikini pic post pics of u reading a damn book.”

Oh c’mon dude, get a grip. Another adds:

“She’s pretty but way way way too young for that. She’s at that age where she’s starting to smell herself, and all girls go through this kind of period at some point. But the sad thing is now that with Facebook and all of that, girls put all of their stuff on the internet, and aren’t responsible enough to know better. Janet better come and have a stern talking with her.”

But commenter Oriada Kanani has it right. She says the obvious:

“She’s a normal teenage girl so what’s wrong with wearing a bikini? Leave her the f— alone. Just because she’s MJ’s daughter doesn’t mean she can’t wear a bikini or have fun with her friends. She’s not doing something wrong. She’s doing what other girls her age do. So what?”

No kidding. So what?

And now these silly innocent pics have created a worldwide faux-scandal, reaching the tabloids and propelling the country into yet another discussion of what is appropriate for children. Read here and here.

My idea is save the hand-wringing for real issues. There is nothing wrong with Paris Jackson swimsuit photos. Everyone at her swimming pool haunt is yawning if they aren’t laughing their heads off.

Video: Paris Jackson