Meet Shamicka Lawrence, the beautiful woman who has lived at the side of Martin Lawrence for almost 20 years. She is splitting from her husband, which is unfortunate for their children, but the couple is vowing to remain friends for the sake of the kids.

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Update 5/30/2012: This is really getting sad. Martin is telling friends he has nothing to live for in the wake of their split. A friend reportedly said he is recently living in a “Zombie-like state of mind.” You can read the details here.


You know her husband as an actor, comedian, and Hollywood producer who has appeared in dozens of movies and television series and produced twelve himself. He previously married a Miss Virginia (Patricia Southall) and had one child with her. That brief marriage lasted just one year.

He had been together for fifteen years with Shamicka Gibbs before the couple married in 2010. This time the marriage did not last two years, which proves a point that wise people know. Shacking up is tons more fun than marriage. Once you actually tie the knot you begin to take your partner for granted. For some people it is much more healthy feeling just a little bit naughty.

Biography: Shamicka Gibbs married her hubby on On July 10th, 2010, thus cementing her doom as Martin Lawrence’s wife. They had been inseparable for 15 years prior and had two daughters early in their relationship. Amara was born in 2001 while her younger sister Iyana was born in 2003.

They were both flower girls at the wedding, a report of which you can read here. The wedding was a spare-no-expense ceremony attended by Hollywood celebrities, where she showed off her beautiful custom made wedding gown designed by Arminé.

Shamicka Lawrence has always been a Southern California girl, graduating in 1993 from Leuzinger High School in Lawndale. She is a member of the PTA for the prestigious Buckley School, a private primary school in Los Angeles where the kids got to school.

Back when it was cool, Shamicka opened a MySpace page here but like everyone else did not use it. We cannot find a Facebook page for her or Twitter account.

Mrs. Lawrence is now 37 years old and lives in Beverly Hills with her husband. There is no word yet on who will keep the house, and how his enormous assets will be distributed between them. He also owns a farmhouse in Purcellville, Virginia, so that may be a perfect place to get away from the Hollywood scene with her kids.

His agent issued a statement from both of them that simply said “The couple has made the joint decision to part ways. Out of love and respect for one another we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters together.”

Who knows what that really means. They were happy for years and years, and things seems to have fallen apart after the marriage. That happens, unfortunately, in Hollywood relationships, but it is a good thing they are not (yet) fighting about it. We can hope that they really do stay friends for the sake of their young children.

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