Here are new Dania Suarez photos according to a website, who as you all know by now is the stacked Secret Service hooker responsible for causing a worldwide prostitution scandal. Hookers are in high demand on our website, so see the new Dania Suarez pics we came across and tell us what you think in the comments. And do not believe the rumors that she is a Russian spy!

Dania Suarez Photo

Update: Oh Joy, she has given her first public interview on camera here so practice your Spanish. And there are rumors of a Dania Suarez playboy spread, so stay tuned.

Dania Londono Suarez (we now know her full name) is in hiding now, although I cannot really understand why. She was making a reasonable living as a prostitute in Colombia, but not living like a queen despite the expensive wristwatch and jewelry that she is seen wearing in the pictures. She has a nine year old boy but he already knows what she does for a living. Everyone knows.

Suarez will now be able to sell the secret service scandal story for a considerable sum of money, go on American talk shows for money, and may even ink a book contract assuming she can write just a little in English. She can pose nude for Playboy. Why not cash in? Dania did nothing illegal in her native Colombia, and in fact her secret service prostitute photos have made her a celebrity in good standing with the fine people of that land. In fact, we hear that she is already writing a book.

So who is the Secret Service hooker? From her profile we know that Dania was born July 15, 1988 in Colombia, which makes her 25 years old recently, according to her Facebook page which you can find here. She currently lives in Cartagena, where the Secret Service prostitute scandal broke. She stands 5’2″ tall and weighs 128 pounds. Latina women are never rails as the culture appreciates a woman’s body just like the Romans once did. Her measurements two years ago were 34-28-39 but she has slimmed down a couple of inches since that time. See her sonic page here.

Suarez likes swimming and works officially as a cosmetologist when she is not sleeping with men for money. Dania does not smoke but she drinks moderately as all good party girls do. She enjoys cooking and films, although there is no evidence of a Dania Suarez sex tape anywhere. She describes herself as a “a simple woman, with many values who loves respect, honesty and sincerity.”

See more from earlier here. And no she is not a Russian spy as some idiot politician named Charles Grassley says she might be here.

We encountered these new Dania Suarez photos while scouring the web right here, just because we care enough to please you. You can see them all below along with the four original pictures you are all already familiar with. Now tell us what you think in the comments about these lovely Secret Service hooker photos, but answer this question. Would you buy a book written by Dania Suarez or not? Or if Dania Suarez posed nude, would you buy the magazine?

New Dania Suarez Pictures
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