Meet Lauren Tannehill, one of the hot WAGs in the sporting world, formerly known as Lauren Ufer who is posting for Maxim! She is the gorgeous part-time model who just happens to be Ryan Tannehill’s wife. Photos are below along with the biographical information about her assets we know you care most about.

Photos: Lauren Tannehill

Update: She posed for Maxim magazine! New pics added.

Biography: Lauren Tannehill was born Lauren Ashley Ufer in Atlanta, Georgia, the daughter of John and Nancy Ufer. She has two younger brothers who are very close to her.

Lauren’s family moved six times before she graduated from high school, most of those stops in Texas. She arrived in College Station, Texas where she spend her senior year at A&M Consolidated High School. There she was a varsity cheerleader and played on the tennis team.

She graduated from Texas A&M University in May, 2010, with degrees in Communications and Psychology. She now works as a nurse in the medical field as a cardiology assistant for a local doctor, but what she really wants to be is a model.

So far Lauren’s modeling credits include elegant wedding gowns for the Da Vinci wedding catalog. You can see several modeling photos of her here. She is the blond woman in the wedding gown with the red background. And you can see her modeling Gucci bags here.

Lauren has long blond hair and gorgeous deep green eyes. She stand 5’7″ tall and her measurements are listed as a petite 34b-25-31. 31 inch hips on Ryan Tannehill’s wife are quite a squeeze for the lucky big guy. Her dress size is 0-2. More of Lauren’s modeling profile can be found here. You can see in the pictures that she is absolutely gorgeous.

Her parents announced their engagement in May of last year, a public notice that you can read here. And tadaaa, Ryan Tannehill’s girlfriend became his wife in January, 2012. They first met three years ago in 2009.

To our knowledge Lauren Tannehill is not pregnant. But you know how those athletes love their sex, so don’t be surprised to hear about the pitter patter of little feet in their home sometime soon.

Lauren’s Twitter page can be found here which contains many photos of her and Ryan doing their thing. In a recent tweet she said “I love being married. It’s the best!” She is religious as the page quotes a passage from Colossians 3:23. You can also find her discussing faith in an interview here.

About high school she says “I usually ran around with cheerleading friends because we had classes together and spent so much time with each other. But I wasn’t shy in my classes—I tried to get to know everyone.” With hot legs and a great ass, what girl would be shy?

By the way, she is not the muscle bound chick in the video below but watch it if you want. Then tell us what you think of Lauren Tannehill’s photos, but answer this question first. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Ryan Tannehill’s wife?

Update: Our girl went shooting again recently which reminds us that you should never cross a woman holding a firearm. We’ve learned that Lauren goes to the shooting range a lot so look out boys! Check this out.

More pictures of Lauren Tannehill (formerly Lauren Uber)
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