Meet Emily Longley, the aspiring model who was so beautiful her friends called her Barbie as a nickname. She was just 17-years old when the beautiful blond woman was strangled by her boyfriend while she lay sleeping side by side with him.

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Update 5/21/2012: Her boyfriend was convicted of murder in Winchester Crown Court and was sentenced to life in prison today. His parents were also convicted of perverting the course of justice. They destroyed his confession and tampered with other evidence in the case, the jury found. Caroline Longly, Emily’s mom, said that she got dirty looks in court from Elliot’s mom: “It was as if she thought ‘If Elliot hadn’t met Emily, it would never have happened.'” That’s really horrible.

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The incident occurred at her boyfriend’s house in England. Emily Longley’s boyfriend is named Elliot Vince Turner, now 20-years old. He is the son of Leigh and Anita Turner, who police discovered helped cover up the crime. Dad is a wealthy jeweler, so he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Longley was found guilty of strangling her over the flirtatious Facebook photos you can see below for yourself.

Biography: Emily Kate Longley was born February 22nd, 1994, and died June 5th, 2011 when she was just 17 years old. She is originally from New Zealand where she grew up as a wild child. Emily was in trouble twice with the law in New Zealand and had to appear in court. As a result of these experiences, she was sent to a relative’s home in England where she could start fresh in life.

Emily had been working and studying at Brockenhurst College in England for 8-months prior to her murder. She was living at her grandparent’s home, Ronald and Zosia Longley, in Bournemouth in Southwest England. Just two-days prior to her passing, she had posted on her Facebook page that she had a stalker who was troubling her. She had received dozens of threatening phone calls and posted that she was really scared. Some believe now that her boyfriend may have been antagonizing her because he believed she was cheating on him.

She dreamed of immigrating to the United States where she could become a model and fulfill her dreams. She will unfortunately never get a chance to realize her ambitions thanks to Elliot Turner. Her loss is a tragedy to her family and friends. She was radiant in life, and had a brilliant future ahead of her.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, her friends reported that she was a frequent ecstasy user, and originally a drug overdose was suspected in the case. You can read the early days of the case here. Very curiously, Elliot Turner’s Facebook page contained posts of beautiful Emily and him partying it up the day before she died.

Emily Longley’s Facebook photos are below. You can find her website here and her Facebook tribute page here. I am trying to find Emily Longley’s modeling profile so I can report her measurements, height and weight, but have been thus far unsuccessful. Please help in the comments if you are able.

Below is a beautiful video tribute to Emily. Pictures are above it so take your time and then tell us your own thoughts in the comments. She was a stunning woman.

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