Meet Leanne Edelsten, who in a kiss-and-tell explosive interview with Current Affair revealed herself as Clive James’ girlfriend and mistress. His wife Prue Shaw is none too pleased. See Leanne’s photos and hear her story below, and then tell us what you think of this sensational story in the comments.

He, of course, is the world renowned poet and literary critic. His list of credits is endless, spanning radio, theater, television, novels, essays, poetry, song-writing, and newspaper columns. During his career he has received countless awards, but perhaps chiefly among them is he was elected a member of the esteemed Royal Society of Literature, and was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the British Crown for his services to literature.

News of a Clive James’ affair will undoubtedly shock his many fans. It has certainly shocked his wife Prue Shaw who reportedly found out by discovering hot email messages the two had exchanged. And now Leanne Edelsten is claiming to be his mistress for twelve years, and she wants her story told.

Biography: Leanne Edelsten is an Australian socialite who enjoys media attention. You can see how she likes to draw attention to herself here. Miss Edelsten is currently working as an intensive care nurse in Australia at St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Sydney. You can see a cute picture of Leanne in her nursing outfit below.

She likes to diss her exes. Considering that she is admitting to be Clive James’ mistress, can you imagine her telling his new wife Brynne Gordon-Edelsten that her husband is untrustworthy? Well that is exactly what she did as reported here.

Of course rumors of Dr. Edelsten’s illegitimate son surfaced in February of this year. The child’s mother of this alleged affair was named in the press as Isabel Beard. The boy’s name is Matthew who is now 22-years old. Read more here. If true, maybe she has a point.

Leanne Edelsten says that she met Clive in 2004 when she was 40-years old and he was still a dapper man of 65 years. Yes indeed, Clive James’ girlfriend is 25 years younger than he, but that did not stop the sparks flying from day one. She fell madly in love with him and engaged in an 8-year affair as his mistress, she says.

Leanne was divorced from her husband, Dr Geoffrey Edelsten in 1989, after a three year marriage. She discusses their marriage here. He, like her, was a playboy and socialite in Australia, and as a doctor had the money to pay for their wild partying ways.

She then took up with one of his friends, Chris Curtis, who she married and bore two daughters, Genevieve and Micaela, all the while keeping the name of her first husband. Read more about her love life here.

Leanne met Clive in Sydney Australia in 2004. She was still married at the time but told him that a divorce was soon coming, which it did indeed that year. Her boyfriend was still married, naturally. Clive James’ wife is named Prue Shaw, and the couple have two grown children together.

Yes it is a complicated story we weave together of mistresses, girlfriends, wives and cheating husbands. And all the sex is producing children, so the human race can continue indefinitely.

Now tell us what you think of Leanne Edelsten. Was Clive James’ girlfriend worthy of being the great man’s mistress?

Update: Clive has apologized to wife Prue Shaw in an article you can read here.

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