Meet Krystal Rice, the 27-yearl old sheriff’s deputy from Watertown, New York. She is the policewoman at the center of a civil lawsuit against the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department for taking topless photos of her as part of a child predator sting.

Photo: Krystal Rice

Krystal Rice is 28 years old and lives in Watertown, New York. She is employed as a sheriff’s deputy in Jefferson County, New York, a department run by men who like cars. You can find the Facebook page for the department here and view those silly pictures.

Miss Rice was asked by her boss to pose for topless photos as part of a sting operation to catch child predators by Detective Steven Cote. In the photos she is posing naked as a 15-year-old girl, covering her breasts with her hands but leaving little to the imagination. Her skirt is raised provocatively as if to suggest she is an easy target. This kind of thing is routine in police work but allegedly her police department had other motives.

Krystal says that the photos were passed around the department so that she was made a laughing stock by her coworkers. She says that she has been the victim of lewd text messages and sexists insults from her coworkers, who are quite naturally predominantly men. It seems that the good old boy network is alive and well in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, or so she says.

Krystal made the pictures in 2006, reportedly photographed by Lt. Michael Peterson, and was promised confidentiality for obvious reasons. She reports that she was told the nude images were destroyed, but came to find out they were not. Allegedly Detective Steve Cote download Krystal Rice’s topless photos to his laptop. She asked for the topless pictures back but was refused by her superiors in the department.

So not to take it lying down, Krystal is suing the department for the huge sum of $50 million dollars. She won’t get that amount, but this kind of publicity is not what the department needs. My guess is they will settle for a substantial sum of money and she will be a very wealthy former police officer. That is, assuming her allegations are true.

In the lawsuit, Krystal Rice says she feels “dirty, exposed and extremely embarrassed by these events and incidents.”

We know that she is a good girl at heart, making a reputation for herself of helping charitable causes in the area. You can see a video of Krystal helping needy children buy Christmas presents they would otherwise never see here.

In the interview she reveals a heart of gold. “We give to the kids because we want them to have a Christmas that is memorable, and to watch them give back to members of their own family, it’s a selfless thing, said Deputy Rice. When a jury learns of her good nature, I believe the hammer will come down on those naughty boys in New York.

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