Meet Amy Pinto-Walsh, the woman who was shacking up with the famous painter in the months before he died. Thomas Kinkade’s girlfriend became his live-in mistress after his wife moved out of their home in California. See the beautiful pictures of Amy and learn all about her biography below.

His fans may continue to adore him despite this bit of juicy gossip, but some people will have limits. Thomas Kinkade’s wife is named Nanette Kinkade. She had been estranged from her husband for two years although the couple never divorced. They had four lovely, vibrant daughters together who are now fully grown but the breakup must hurt them all.

Meanwhile about a year and a half ago, Miss Amy Pinto-Walsh moved into his huge estate in Los Gatos, California, and assumed a position next to him in bed as his mistress. Undoubtedly for the family this hanky panky arrangement added insult to injury. Nanette Kinkade is now feuding in court with Amy Pinto-Walsh, because you see, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

She filed for a restraining order against Amy Pinto in order to protect her husband’s legacy and value of his trademark name. She wants to stop Amy from “defaming, criticizing, disparaging or discrediting Kinkade, Nanette Kinkade, or any company owned by [him].”

We are not aware that Amy has said any nasty things, but the court petition alleges that Miss Pinto-Walsh announced to a friend that she plans to tell her story in public with juicy gossip about Thomas including photographs. One cannot imagine a Thomas Kinkade sex tape with his girlfriend, but you have to wonder what all the fuss is about.

My guess is that Nanette has deep wounds and who can blame her for getting back at Amy. She was, after all, sleeping in mommy’s bed for almost two years. You can read more about this scandalous story here and here.

Biography: Amy Pinto-Walsh is 48 years old and originally born in India. She has traveled all over the world during her interesting life. Amy was raised by her mom and dad in Kuwait, and was valedictorian in her high school class.

She immigrated to the United States where she majored in engineering at the University of South Carolina. She graduated from there in 1986 and eventually landed jobs in software engineering with various firms including Telcom giant AT&T. She is currently a senior manager for ESG consulting and making a good living.

You can be impressed by Amy’s substantial profile by reading here.

Let’s fact it. Amy Pinto (Walsh) is a sharp cookie and undoubtedly Thomas found her mind and body very interesting. She could talk about the world he loved to paint, and engage his mind intellectually. And Amy is stacked with a tight, banging body so she was probably a super fun distraction in bed. She has a pretty face and looks great in tight jeans as you can see in the picture.

But her fantastic breasts were indeed bought and paid for. Amy Pinto had breast implants done on a reality TV show called “Dr. 90210.” She also has two daughters from a previous marriage to a man named Russell Walsh, so Thomas Kinkade’s girlfriend had girls in common with him. Her daughters are now late teens. The only family he ever knew were women.

Now tell us your feelings about this story. Is Thomas Kinkade’s mistress just an innocent part of a love triangle, or is Amy Pinto-Walsh a home-wrecking girlfriend?

Amy Pinto-Walsh (Pictures)
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