Well well, very soon the reality will be that Thomas Beatie divorced his wife. Nancy Beatie split from the relationship and the manly men of the world are taking notice now that she is rid of the famous pregnant man. Divorce is usually no laughing matter, but in this case how can we not ROFL?

Photo: Nancy Beatie (left)

He of course is the world’s first “pregnant man.” Photos of Thomas in a beard and pregnant belly lit up the internet several years ago. As humanity held our collective breath, a precious miracle baby was born, as if the Virgin Mary herself had conspired with the director of a horror movie to produce a very curious immaculate conception.

And then another baby came forth, and then yet another. The pregnant man was very fertile as it turned out. He had three babies all told when the dust had cleared, and all the while his wife Nancy Beatie stood like a rock by his side, or under him or over him as the situational fetish warranted.

Of course there is no such thing as a pregnant man. Thomas is faking it. She is woman biologically, although she has taken steps toward a sex change operation. Pumping her up with testosterone produced the facial hair and deeper voice, but underneath it all he remains a woman despite the sex change.

And she is a woman with a pecker now (otherwise known as the ultimate installment of female-to-male gender reassignment surgery) so he finally got the baggage to go with the part. About his fake winky tinky, he said “Nancy hasn’t seen the new me yet.”

The old me was probably enough for her. The unhappy couple are separated now pending divorce. Get your applications ready men, because Nancy is free at last. Seems like just yesterday they were making the interview rounds exposing the virtues of their relationship.

By the way Thomas was born Tracy LaGondino in Hawaii and actually entered beauty contests (see video below) when she was a teenager. She had her first lesbian relationship with she was 24 years old.

Biography: Nancy Beatie was born in 196s and is now 49 years old. She has been married to the pregnant man for 8 years and had a prior marriage before with two kids of her own in a normal relationship. Their wedding date was Christmas Day, December 25th 2003, which perhaps inspired this prayer.

Nancy lives in Phoenix Arizona now after moving from South Bend Oregon with Thomas and their three children. Their home in Oregon was repossessed which is just another strike against these poor kids who seem to have received the short end of the straw of life. He filed for bankruptcy at the time and was reportedly looking for work. He even wrote a book called “Labor of Love: The Story of One Man’s Extraordinary Pregnancy,” which you have never heard of because nobody bought it.

Their two boys names are Austin and Jensen, while the only daughter is Susan. Nancy Beatie was unable to carry the couple’s children herself because she had a hysterectomy. With the birth of each new child, everyone noticed as if they were witnessing a circus freak show with a free ticket.

Nancy met her husband at a gym in Hawaii six years before they were married so in reality they have been a stable couple for a while, as much as can be expected given the circumstances. The babies are products of sperm donors, so Thomas is not really the father. We do not know what the custody arrangement will be after the divorce, but the best interest of the child will usually be served with the mother anyway.

Now readers, tell us what you think of Nancy Beatie and Thomas Beatie, and the pregnant man’s divorce. And answer this question: would you marry a pregnant man, and if so who would it be?

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