Meet Anna Anisimova, the strikingly beautiful and scary rich Russian socialite who some call Russia’s Paris Hilton. She is about to get $50 million dollars richer as a result of a very wise investment in New York, and she was already a millionaire heiress.

Photo: Anna Anisimova

Anna has one of the most desirable penthouse homes in New York City, at the top of the Time Warner building with gorgeous vista views of the entire city and harbor. The home was designed by famed architect and designer Noel Jeffrey. See those priceless views here. She bought the home about 8 years ago for less than $10 million, so that will be quite a healthy profit.

Anna’s bank account was already healthy. You see, she is the daughter of a Russian billionaire named Vasily Anisimov who is on the Forbes list of wealthiest men in the world, although his vast wealth has reportedly declined in recent years.

Anna married her boyfriend Peter Schafer in a New York ceremony 2010. Ms. Anisimova’s husband is a film producer who also runs the Sunrise Entertainment company.

Her sister was killed in Russia, possibly part of a political or business conspiracy. Her famous father was so concerned for her safety that he promptly sent his daughter off to the United States.

So Anna attended college at New York University. It was her hard partying ways on the Manhattan social scene that earned her the nickname of Russia’s Paris Hilton. Perhaps that is appropriate, but we think does a disservice. Anna is intelligent and successful in her own right, and Paris is, well, a girl with a sex tape.

Beyond getting well-deserved attention from paparazzi and gossip magazines, Anna has tried modeling and even dabbled a little in the movies. She appeared in The Whistleblower in 2010 in an unnamed role. That was in 2010 and may have launched a new aspect of her career.

Anna Anisimova’s vital statistics are of paramount importance to those of us who appreciate true beauty. We know that she stands a sultry 5’9″ tall, but her weight and measurements are unknown. She has gorgeous brown eyes and long brown hair.

You can find Anna Anisimova’s Twitter page by going here and she has an old Myspace page that has not been updated in a while here. We were unable to locate her Facebook profile so help us out in the comments.

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