Is Rihanna lesbian? Meet Melissa Forde, who the singer appears to confirm on her Twitter page is her new hot date. Rihanna’s girlfriend is camera she as you can see in the photos below, but we wish the couple all the best dating assuming they are really lesbian lovers as the speculation is growing.

Photo: Melissa Forde

Rihanna’s lesbian relationship with model Natasha Burton is well documented in her book “Low Down Dirty Shame.” But this is the first time the singer appears to confirm a romantic relationship with Melissa Forde. Melissa has been her best friend for a long time, but nobody really suspected they were getting down and dirty.

The rumor started because last night the singer tweeted:

“I’m on my first date in almost 2 years” except she spelled it “yearz” just to be cool. As her twitter fans wondered who the lucky man was, she next tweeted a photo of Melissa Forde and her together saying:

“My lover for the night.” Then she went on to tweet:

“So Melissa’s only f*ckin wit me til 4/20.” then in the middle of the night she tweeted:

“Beautiful is great, submissive is even better. Bawse bitch who’s submissive yet the captain of the ship n HONEST…” And she used the hashtag #MarryMe.

How delicious. Will Rihanna marry Melissa Forde? She has never said that she is lesbian, and we think that Melissa’s famous friend may have been just teasing her fans. Nevertheless the couple were photographed holding hands that very night.

Biography: Melissa Forde was born on the tropical island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea. She has known Rihanna since 12th grade in high school, and describes her as her BFF, which is of course the cool talking acronym for best female friend.

Melissa is a singer herself, although not professionally. What she does for money is work as Rihanna’s personal assistant. Just how personal is now the subject of wide speculation. Juicy speculation. Fun speculation. We’ll let the readers make up their own minds.

Melissa likes to smoke as you can see in the pictures, but what exactly she is smoking is up to the readers’ imaginations. You can listen to a videotaped interview of Miss Forde here when she had bright red hair. She has gone black now, and as you can see is very cute and provocative in a good, good way.

Melissa was asked in the interview what she thinks about her best friend being famous:

“It gets so real for me when she wins awards and stuff, but other than that she is still the same person I first met. she is still really humble. when she wins an award, I am like oh my gosh she really just won. everyone is screaming. when i am at a show, i see everyone crying and screaming for her then I am like ‘why is everyone screaming for her. what is wrong with that.'”

Melissa’s Twitter page is located here and her Facebook page can be found here where she goes by the nickname “Melly Bear.”

After viewing the photos of Melissa Forde and watching the video below, time for your comments. And tell us what you think: Is Melissa Forde Rihanna’s new lover or is she just pulling our legs?

Pictures of Melissa Forde (click to enlarge)

Video: Melissa Forde