Here are photos of Dania Suarez, the Colombian call-girl at the center of the Secret Service prostitution scandal. She is the hooker from the “Pley Club” stripper bar in Cartagena, Colombia, who brought down the U.S. secret Service because those cheapskates tried to stiff her on her well-earned bill.

Photos: Dania Suarez, the Colombian Prostitute and Call-Girl
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Update: Her name was misidentified earlier as Dania Sanchez (sometimes spelled Dania Sanches).
Update 2: New pictures have been unearthed which you can find here.

And what a bill it was! Our Secret Service hooker Dania Suarez says that she negotiated $800 to spend the entire night with an unnamed Secret Service agent who had been heavily (good excuse) drinking the night before. He work up in the morning with great regrets. Not about the sex, mind you, but about the cost. The agent refused to pay her and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer lying down, if you catch my drift.

Dania Suarez, by the way our new favorite Colombian hooker, went across the hall to wake up a girlfriend who was doing the same naughty thing with another agent. You know how that goes. When men travel away from their wives, anything can happen. These men full of zest for life brought 20 hookers back to their rooms.

So to make a long story short, our firebrand Colombian call-girl Dania Suarez got hot, in that fiery Latina way that is so attractive to men. Attractive, of course, unless you are at the receiving end of a hooker’s rant. Eventually hotel security was called to the scene, and then the cops, and then all hell broke loose.

Prostitution is legal in Colombia, so the main thrust of the police was to get the bill paid so these lovely ladies could get back to work. She eventually accepted $200 for the one-night stand, and quite reasonably felt gypped. Dania Sanchez went back to the police later and filed a report.

You know the end of the story. All eleven agents of President Obama’s advanced security detail were summoned back to Washington. Three have already been fired for hooking up with prostitutes, and the other eight are suspended pending further investigation.

Biography: So what do we know about Dania Suarez, the prostitute in Colombia who brought the house down? Not much. She is 24 years old and the single mother of a nine year old son. She charges gullible American men $800 for her services, but will take less from the smart ones. And she works at the Pley Club stripper bar in Cartagena, Colombia where she shows off her assets by pole dancing. The website homepage is right here.

You can see in the Facebook pictures that Dania wears an expensive gold watch and designer sunglasses, which can only mean one thing. She is making enough money as a call-girl in Colombia that she can afford to spoil herself and pay to feed her little boy.

There are, of course, a lot of women named Dania in Colombia who meet our hooker’s description. There is this one and this one and this babe. They are probably not our Colombian prostitute, nor is she the terrible singer in the video below.

Actually this girl on the dating site fits her description very well, a little too well. This Dania is also the single mother of a young boy. She is 5’2″ tall and her measurements are listed at 34-28-39 but she looks more stacked. Dania is looking for a “romatic man with good intentions.” The age is a little off but you know how things get lost in translation. That Dania certainly looks good in high heels.

More photos of Dania Saruez are here from her Facebook page. Tell us what you think in the comments, but first answer this question: How much would you pay for Dania’s prostitution services?

Colombian prostitute “Dania” (Photos)
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