Another Matt Lauer affair story? Just what nobody wants to hear. And yet, a Matt Lauer love child is being reported due to an alleged affair with Natalie Morales. It is really hard to believe that Matt would knock up his gorgeous co-host (although we cannot blame him for trying) but that is what National Enquirer is reporting.

As far as love child stories go, National Enquirer does have a good track record. They were the first to break the news of John Edward’s love child and affair, something that was denied by the politician for a year and basically ignored by the mainstream media. That is, until he was forced to confess by compelling evidence.

Now they bring us the allegations of a Matt Lauer love child. You can read the full story right here and juicy reactions here.

Their sources refuse to be directly named, but their quotes are quite sensational indeed. A quoted “insider” from another network told the tabloid, “I heard that Matt had an extra­marital affair with gorgeous Natalie, and he’s the father of one of her kids. Everyone’s buzzing that the boy looks just like him.”

And yet another unnamed sourced chimed in, “The Matt Lauer love child scandal is the worst kept secret among the network morning shows.”

Matt Lauer cheating scandals are nothing new, including gossip about an affair with Alexis Houston in 2009 who he met during the Olympic coverage. She is Whitney Houston’s half-sister who was formerly a man(!). You can read the old stories here and here and see the video below.

Clearly Matt has had an up and down marriage to be sure. His faithful wife, Annette Roque Lauer, filed for divorce from him six years ago, but changed her mind and never went through with the idea. Natalie had her baby three years later which prompted rumors of undercover hanky panky.

At the time, “There was unbelievable talk that Matt could be the father of her baby!, a source told the Enquirer.
Hmmm. Okay. But where is the evidence that a Natalie Morales affair produced a Matt Lauer baby?

In the case of the John Edwards scandal, the tabloid at least had a solid source. The woman who had the affair (Rachel Hunter) spilled the beans to them and had photos and eventually a DNA test to prove it. Their sourcing this time seems pretty thin, and appears to be the stuff of gossip rather than hard news reporting.

Nevertheless, Natalie Morales is gorgeous, so the source who noted her fineness has at least this part of the story right. And we know from television that they have incredibly chemistry together, almost the stuff of soul mates. But whether or not there is truly a Matt Lauer love child is dubious to this writer, your humble correspondent.

Curious about reader thought in the comments, and answer this question: If you were to have a love child, what famous person would you select to father the baby?

Video: Matt Lauer Affair