Oh yes she is indeed. Meet Natalie Hanson, who happens to be one of the most fertile babes in the music business. See proof in the pictures! Taylor Hanson’s wife is expecting her fifth child, and she is showing no signs of stopping her one woman baby factory.

Photo: Natalie Hanson

First off let us congratulate Taylor and his lovely wife Natalie for the new addition to the family. I’m sure the kids will love having a new brother or sister, which will finally give them enough players for a basketball team. Or they can now start a new band for that matter, including a keyboard player. The Jackson got a lot done with five.

You all know who Taylor Hanson is of course. He is a member of the heart-throb band, the Hansons, which he started with his brothers. In the band he plays keyboards, piano, drums, and occasionally harmonica. But enough of him.

Biography: Natalie Hanson was born Natalie Anne Bryant on December 28, 1983 in East Point, Georgia, so she turned 29 years old recently. Her parents were unfortunately divorced when she was 24 years old which may be why she appreciates her large family life so much. She resides in Tulsa Oklahoma with her husband and growing family.

Natalie was a high school cheerleader but had many other talents beyond smiling for the football players. She acted in school plays, sang high school musicals, and sang in the church choir. She was academically brilliant, graduating with honors among the top of her class. Is there nothing this supermom cannot do?

Mrs. Hanson has beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair. She stands 5’6″ tall with an attractive body and bright face that exuded healthiness and happiness. I love her!

She was a bit of a groupie actually, and the couple met after one of his concerts in Atlanta. They dated for two years and were finally married on June 8, 2002 when she was 18 years old and he was 19, and you can see vintage photos from the wedding here.

And I know. I am curious about the math of what happened before age 18 as well but let’s not start anything. but we do know that she kisses with her tongue.

Five babies is a lot for 29 years old, and it leaves plenty more time for Natalie to double her brood. Natalie Anne Hanson confirmed the baby on her Twitter page which you can find here. “Yes, it’s true!! Soon there will be five little monkeys jumping on our bed :) Thanks for all your sweet notes of congratulations.”

Aww how adorable! And read more here.

Naming the baby will be a challenge because Natalie is known for bestowing unusual names on her children, and the more she has the more unusual they get. First off was Ezra, who is now nine years old, followed in quick succession by Penelope, River, and lastly Viggo. Our new favorite supermom has not gone two years without a new baby. You can see baby pictures in the video tribute to Natalie below.

Now time to hear from our readers. Tell us what you think of the Hanson baby news, but first answer this question: What should Natalie Hanson name her baby?

Photos: Natalie Hanson
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