Updated with breakup news!

From the world if juicy gossip, Will Adamowicz is our new man. He has now secured himself a place in dating history as Emma Watson’s boyfriend. The couple were seen and photographed kissing up a storm at the Coachella music festival in Los Angeles this weekend. They were practically in bed together.

Photos: Will Adamowicz
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The have been secretly dating since the end of last year after meeting on the campus of Oxford University. She has her choice of just about anyone in the world. But rather than date a Hollywood icon, she has chosen a virtual nobody. That is very refreshing and tells me that the actress has her head screwed on straight. She has always seemed earthy, like a girl next door, just like the character she plays in the Harry Potter movies. Well, except that she is a witch in the movies and all that.

Biography: Will Adamowicz is a rather unknown musician with a deep addicting voice. Below you can listen to the music he composed as a senior at Boston college along with a classmate named Lucas Zwirner.

It’s Hard to Tell
Once You Love Me
The Bus
The Dance

Are you in love with him now too? Now you know why Will is Emma Watson’s boyfriend!

In addition to singing to desirable young ladies, Adamowicz likes playing tennis. He played on his college team. And you can see that at one time he worked in marketing in Livermore, California. If you know of anything more about him, please let us know in the comments.

Emma Watson’s birthday is today. She just turned 22 and what better way to spend it than in the arms of the man she loves. Will Adamowicz is one lucky guy, of that we can be sure.

You can see much more of Will together with Emma here.

Now tell us what you feel in the comments and answer this question. Do you think Will Adamowicz’s ears are too big for her?

Update: William Adamowicz has split with Emma Watson. The singer cited her busy schedule for the breakup but inquiring minds are suspicious. The split actually occurred six months ago over the summertime but is only now coming to light.