Meet Kelli Cashiola, who was until recently his girlfriend but just became Dave Haywood’s wife. See her photos and learn all about her background here as we congratulate the happy couple in martial bliss!

Photo: Kelli Cashiola

The couple married this week just outside Nashville, Tennessee in a small wedding staged on a farm. Aww, how quaint! Kelli Cashiola Haywood is originally from a small town in Texas so she is right at home on a farm. Only family and close friends were invited. The location was the Front Porch Farms located in Ashland City. A representative from the band reported that “Lady Antebellum is off the rest of the month, so they will be honeymooning during this time.”

Good time to get to know each other. Well, not really. Kelli and Dave have already been friends for eight years but only began getting their grove on within the last year. Amazing that you can know someone for so long without actually dating, and then jumping straight into a marriage. But good for them!

Dave of course mostly strums guitar for the band, but also plays the piano and mandolin when the song demands it. But you already know all about him, so let’s focus on Dave Haywood’s wife who became his fiance last December.

Biography: Kelli Cashiola is a corporate bigshot in the music world. Maybe “bigshot” is too strong a word but she is somebody. Kelli works for Warner Music in Nashville as Vice President of Marketing. She is a sharp coolie, having climbed the corporate ladder rapidly. Miss Cashiola started as a promotional assistant in 2004 and was quickly promoted to manager a year later. She has been a VP since 2008.

More biography: Kelli graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2004 and jumped straight into the arms of Warner Music. Prior to college she attended JJ Pearce high school in Richardson, Texas, graduating in the class of 2000. Kelli’s Facebook page is here but it is currently unavailable.

Kelli is a year older than Dave. She just turned 31 while he is a mere babe in the woods of 30. She can actually carry a tune a little herself. A rare photo of Kelli Cashiola singing can be found here.

Her father Ned Cashiola Jr, unfortunately just passed away in February on this year. His obituary appears in the Dallas Morning News here. Dad’s old Facebook page is here which includes some family photos.

The marriage proposal is a story worth telling. He actually blindfolded Kelli and drove her home. Why she allowed this to happen is perhaps a matter for kinky speculation, but the surprise awaited her in the front yard. He has made a huge sign out of a colorful Christmas light stringer that asked “Will you marry me?” Good for him. That is so original and romantic!

Obviously they love Christmas. Just look at the Christmas card picture in the thumbnail photos below!

Now tell us what you think of the new Mrs. Kelli Haywood.

Kelli Cashiola (Photos)

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