Meet Lisa Chynoweth, the woman who is dissing on Camille Grammer and fighting with her ex.  She says the debutante is a home-wrecker who stole her domestic partner boyfriend and father of her impressionable young son Marcus.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The man who is now learning that lesson is Dimitri Charalambopoulos. He is her ex-boyfriend and now Camille’s boyfriend. What she said in court papers has been said a thousand times before about cheating men:

“At the same time we were together in Dallas, he deceived me and my son and was having an affair with [her].”

Of course we do not know for sure if he was indeed a cheating cad of a man. But most men are that way so who knows where greener pastures will lead. Lisa Chynoweth made the statement in a petition to allow her to move to Colorado with her boy, and far away from daddy.

Lisa also says he has threatened her if she were to make her story public, which Miss Chynoweth has now done in spades. Just listen to the recorded message of what he reportedly said. For his part, Dimitri Charalambopoulos has gotten a restraining order against Lisa. Can you imagine doing that to the mother of your own children? Shame on him!

Biography: Lisa Chynoweth works for Northrop Grumman Corporation in Redondo Beach, California. She is no dummy. Her list of talents is endless but her main expertise is in the area of air quality assessment and emissions standards for the aircraft and vehicles that the company produces.

Prior to moving to the Los Angeles area Lisa lived in Dallas, Texas, the hometown of her playboy boyfriend Dimitri. Her son’s name is Marcus. By the way, the feuding couple now live on the very same street. At least for now. She wants to get out of the limelight of Hollywood and move to Colorado, far far away from her ex-boyfriend.

After you watch the video of this sordid mess, tell us what you think of Lisa Chynoweth. Photos and more biographical information are desired so if you have any please leave links in the comments.