Meet Bojana Jankovic, the stunningly beautiful woman who is now a mommy for the first time. Michael Weatherly’s wife conceived a new baby daughter on April 10th who they named Olivia Weatherly Jankovic. Read her biographaphical information and see her photos here with a video presentation at the end.

Photo: Bojana Jankovic

He of course was a star in several television series including Dark Angel, The City, and NCIS, playing the role of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, a series that just ended. Although this is her first child, he has an older son from an earlier marriage to actress Amelia Heinle, a woman he met on the set.

They divorced in 1997 but it still was not Bojana Jankovic’s turn in bed. He first romanced Jessica Alba, one of the hottest creatures known to man before ending the relationship for Bojana. Given his propensity to woe so many women, it is no wonder that she did not take his last name.

Biography: Bojana Jankovic describes her occupation as a theater multitasker which you can read on her very own website. She is originally from Belgrade, Serbia, where she studied theater directory in college. She graduated from the University of Belgrade in 2009. Later she obtained a master’s degree in film making from the prestigious Goldsmiths University in London, England.

Bojana’s stage resume is vast, most of it occurring in her native Serbia. She has written and/or directed 19 stage productions or short film projects, and been assistant director on five other productions. Miss Jankovic is also a critic, having reviewed theater performances for print media in both English and her native tongue.

Bojana Jankovic has a blog called The Unfaithful Penguin which is written from the point of view of a penguin. Now that is unique and perhaps interesting. Make up your own minds about it! We cannot find her Facebook page. The ones pretending to be her’s are all fakes.

The couple met at a bar in Vancouver, Canada, believe it or not. Sometimes the bar chicks do work out. Said he, “I kept looking out of the corner of my eye and seeing this ravishing, gorgeous beauty.” According to her, “We made eye contact. And that was it.” We don’t know if they slept together on the first date that night.

The chance meeting turned into a long-distance love affair involving planes, trains, and automobiles. Finally she moved to Los Angeles so they could shack up and in September last year Bojana became Michael Weatherly’s wife. And what a hottie she is, along with her sexy accent and cute little dog.

Her pregnancy was announced on Twitter of all places.

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Video: Bojana Jankovic