Meet Mieka Blackman-Reese, the hot young thing who will soon be a proud baby mama. She just happens to be Derrick Rose’s girlfriend which got my radar up right away. See her photos and learn more about her biographical background here.

Photo: Mieka Blackman-Reese (left)

He of course is the star point guard for the Chicago Bulls and will soon lead his team in the playoff picture. He is 24 and she is just 23 years old, which is a good match on the emotional scale. They have been together for almost five years. Far too often we read about famous stars shacking up with much younger women. I guess when you are his age, much younger would be close to illegal in Illinois.

Biography: Mieka Blackman-Reese is a celebrity stylist which means she outfits the clothing, makeup and hairstyles of celebrities. In fact that is how she met her famous boyfriend. Derrick Rose’s girlfriend started her own company in 2010 called The Socialite Styling for doing exactly that thing. Her website homepage is entirely awesome! as is her Facebook page which you can find here.

Mieka Reese formerly worked in the fashion industry as an intern in a company called Rockawear Incorporated, and somewhere along the way she worked for her mom’s company called Joy Management Inc. She is originally from Chicago where she graduated from Wheeler High School in 2007. Then she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated from a small college called Clark University.

Her middle name is Joi. We know that her height is a sultry 5’7″ tall but her weight and measurements are unknown.

According to her fashion website,

Mieka’s passion for the art fashion began in Kindergarten class while wearing a custom two-piece leather skirt suit on picture day. When other children were pulling candy and coins out of their pockets, Mieka was pulling hers out of her pint size Gucci purse.

LOL. I don’t think she is kidding either. By the way, the local party girl likes her.

And now Miss Blackman-Reese is 3-months pregnant with the couple’s first child due in October, 2012. They have bought a million dollar house together in Chicago to start their new family. Well, let’s say that he bought the house. Rose has a gazillion dollars after all, and she is but a stylist.

Now tell us what you think of Mieka Blackman-Reese. Is her picture hot or not? We think hot, and she looks like the kid of girl a nice boy could love. Congratulations to the happy couple and may their lives be blessed with many more little basketball players running around on the floor of their new home.

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