Meet Genevieve Sabourin, who happens to be the hot Canadian actress who appears to be nuts on the outside but she claims a secret relationship we need to know about. See her in a video, along with biography information and photos.

Photo: Genevieve Sabourin

Of all the people a beautiful woman could stalk, Alec Baldwin would be nowhere near the top of anyone’s list.And yet she stands accused of just that mysterious deed. Miss Sabourin was arrested in New York for coming to his apartment. Apparently she had been traumatizing the poor guy with email messages and phone calls, and showing up here and there. And all this coming directly after he announced a surprising engagement to the beautiful Hilaria Thomas.

My guess is there is more to this story than meets the eye. Was Genevieve Sabourin Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend at one time? Was she blackmailing him? Reports are that she wanted money from the star. We wonder, just like you are wondering and should wonder the obvious questions. Did they sleep together? After all, they did meet at one of his movies. They were boinking, weren’t they. In fact she claims that she wanted a child together according on online site Fan Daily. Really there is no knowing these things that trouble our hearts and minds.

[Update: The plot thickens. National Enquirer is now reporting there indeed may be more than meets the eye. Miss Sabourin is claiming a two-year relationship with the actor, while he says they just briefly met on a movie set and had a couple of innocent dinners together, all an altruistic move to help this beautiful woman in distress. Stay tuned.]

Biography: Genevieve Sabourin is a Canadian actress currently living in Montreal. She has a beautiful French name, which makes romantic Montreal the perfect place for her to live and seduce men in that romantic French way. She stands a super cute 5’3″ tall and her measurements are a sultry 34-24-34.

She likes to rescue animals. Aww, how sweet!

Genevieve’s acting career began late for most women when she was 31 years old. She first played the role of Samantha Erickson in the movie Swindle. She followed that role with two movies in consecutive years, first Eternal and then Saint Martyrs of the Damned. She played bit parts in two television series a few years ago. And that is about it for Miss Sabourin’s filmography. At age 40 her career appears to be going nowhere. Especially now with that news that she might be stalking former coworkers.

More pictures of Genevieve Sabourin are below along with a video. She is the woman briefly pictured at the top of the field and in the wedding gown, not the one holding the baby.

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Video: Genevieve Sabourin