Meet Santita Jackson, the hot young radio host who is happens to be Reverend Jessie Jackson’s daughter. Now she is moving to television as a FoxNews contributor! See her photos, biography, and a video here.

Photo: Santita Jackson

Biography: Santita Jackson was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1963 and is now 48 years old. Her famous father raised a large family of which she is the oldest. She has three younger brothers and a little sister named Jacqueline Lavinia whose age is 36. Her mom is Jacqueline Lavinia Brown who had her first child (Santita) when she was only 18 years old!

Ms. Jackson was originally trained as a musician from an early age. Her parents obtained a Steinway piano for her when she was just 8 years old, which she dutifully practiced for years and became an accomplished musician. She has performed at countless international music festivals and even played the National Anthem for Bill Clinton’s inauguration in January, 1997.

She was also an exceptional student in high school who later attended Howard University in Washington on a full scholarship. Of course, it probably helps to have a daddy everyone has heard of.

Santita has already had a fine career in show business. Until January of this year she hosted a popular Chicago talk show appropriately called “The Santita Jackson Show” on station WVON 1690 which focused on politics and current events.

Radio is quite a grind. For five years Santita hosted a three hour program each weekday which aired at 9am local time, which is the most desirable time slot on radio. She had previously produced Upfront with Jesse Jackson, which was her dad’s television program when he was on air.

Her busy schedule left her, among other time pressures, unable to contribute regularly to her own blog. You can find it here but there has been only one update in the last year. Luckily you can find more photos of her beautiful face there. Her Twitter page has only 57 followers, and strangely Santita is following 0 people herself.

Now Santita is moving to television on FoxNews which will bring her an entire new audience and heaps of recognition. There is nothing like commentating on cable news shows to gain a new following, so this is a great career move for Ms. Jackson.

Now you can see more pictures of Santita Jackson and a video taken at her radio program too. Nice hair! After you watch it please tell us what you think of her in the comments.

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Video: Santita Jackson