Meet Hilaria Thomas, the beautiful brunette who just happens to be Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend and future wife. See her photos, biography and a video here and tell us what you think of the lovely lady in comments.

Hilaria Thomas

She is engaged to her famous boyfriend just when we wondered if any sane woman would take him. Well not only did she take him in, but she has reportedly tamed his evil ways. Sure she has.

As a biography, Hilaria Thomas is a 28-year old yoga teacher in New York City. She spent her youth in Spain where she grew up loving flamenco and other latin dance forms. She turned her attention to the craft and became a professional dancer in the United States. How Dancing with the Stars missed this beauty is beyond me, but she is too old now to join the show. Boo!

Hilaria was a dance major who graduated from New York University. She later diversified her career into yoga and became a yoga instructor which is her main livelihood now. She actually teaches 11 classes each week. Visit that link and you can see another cool picture of Hilaria Thomas. We hope that her calm inner self will somehow rub off on you know who.

Of course, we hope that as Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend and future wife, he will become her main livelihood now. He is rich despite himself, so he can support her both now and after the inevitable Hollywood divorce. Oh sure oh sure, let’s hope that will not happen, but realism demands that we state the obvious.

She says “I believe that yoga is about connecting to our very essence, which ultimately resides in our center or our core.” Wow. Now what is at Mr. Baldwin’s core, I wonder.

Another picture of her in a elegant, shapely dress can be seen right here when she attended Tony Bennett’s birthday party in New York. Nice ass!

Hilaria’s boyfriend, of course, is a 6-year old child in a grown up man’s body. He is famous for ranting and raving about every which thing, including a famous incident last December on American Airlines. He was kicked off of an airplane for refusing to turn off his cellphone before the flight, apparently because he was playing a silly game application.

We invite reader comments about Hilaria Thomas and this latest Hollywood match made in heaven. Meanwhile here is a yoga video featuring the beautiful bride to be.

Video: Hilaria Thomas