Meet Nicole Jacques, the 25-year old former Baptist school teacher who was charged with getting it on with a 15-year old male student. Nicole Jacques photos here including this cool mugshot which appears to show the remnants of a scuffle on her chin. More plus a great video below just because.

Nicole Jacques Photo

As a biography, Nicole Jacques has little information known. She is a former teacher from a baptist school in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. She taught middle school and was the girls team basketball coach. She is blond and cute, as you can see in the picture of Nicole Jacques, and obviously heterosexual. She even sung in a choir. Ms. Jacques birthday is July 24th, 1986, and she currently lives in the 2000 block of Maple Street in Hatfield.

She is accused of having sex with a former student of her’s from her days teaching at the Calvary Baptist School in Hatfield. The hanky panky allegedly occurred multiple times, perhaps 20 or so, in her comfortable apartment out of the sight or prying eyes or interested ears. The alleged events occurred after she left the school, and there is no evidence anything lurid happened on campus.

You can read more about this story here. We have been unable to locate a Facebook page or Twitter account for her although people with the same name do have them.

The sex allegation was apparently voluntary. Undoubtedly the young male was having a ball of a time, if you catch my drift. However our law doesn’t allow for consensual sex if you are a minor, whether it is a teenage boy having the time of his life or a young girl actually getting molested. She is still charged with statutory rape.

So Nicole Jacques is the latest student-teacher sex scandal to cross our desks and will undoubtedly not be the last this year, or even this month. My opinion is that a 15 year old boy having sex with a 25 year old female teacher is different than a 15 year old girl having sex with a 40 year old man. Not according to the law, but according to my common sense.

Interested if the reader agrees or if you have any other comments about the Nicole Jacques case.

By the way the video below is a different Nicole, who caught our attention on Youtube because she sings like a lark! By the way, more pictures of Nicole Jacques somewhere here but you will have to search through them yourself.