Kenny Chesney’s new album is ‘Cosmic Hallelujah.’ It’s the first new album from the country music superstar since 2014’s ‘The Big Revival.’ Find out what the critics have to say; you can see a roundup of reviews right here.

Kenny Chesney

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Kenny Chesney long ago established himself as one of the biggest country music stars of all time by any measure. Notably, he has topped the Billboard Country music charts with his past 10 albums. But h also reigns as one of the top touring artists alive, of any genre ranking high on the annual Forbes list. His last tour took its title from his album ‘The Big Revival Tour’ and took him to venues all over North America and wrapped earlier this year.

After the tour wrapped, he told Rolling Stone, “I haven’t written a song in a while and I’m looking forward to getting to that place where I can shut my mind down enough to even begin that process.” He went on to speak of the upcoming album in the works, saying, ” would love to have new music next year for the tour but I will tell you I’m not going to let next year’s tour dictate new music.”

Now, after a name change — the original title was ‘Some Town Somewhere’ — the new album, his 17th LP, ‘Cosmic Hallelujah’ is out. He told USA Today, “Like everyone else, I internalize that. And now I’m at a spot where all that stuff I took in can come out on a record.” Noting that the album has only two songs that he himself penned, he added, “Could I have put 12 of them on Cosmic Hallelujah? Sure, but it wouldn’t have ended up being as good as it is.”

Now as the album arrives in full, here’s what the critics are saying.

“….It’s sort of jarring to hear the generally laid-back singer deliver the dark “Rich and Miserable,” with its chorus of complaints including “Enough is never enough, American dream never wakes up . . . We won’t be happy ’til we’re rich and miserable.” But Chesney handles it well, showing a new side of his world view…..” –Newsday

“….The nifty thing about Cosmic Hallelujah is that it plays as if it’s a passion project: Chesney is determined to connect with his times without abandoning himself, and the result is one of his best records. ….” –All Music

“….Chesney isn’t one to rest on his laurels, and his 17th album, Cosmic Hallelujah, bears that out. ….” –Boston Globe

“….The album’s best moments are the stadium-filling tunes about knocking back beers and longing for old times, like the Pink duet “Setting the World on Fire.” Yet his attempts at digging deeper make the lighter material feel earned—and they elevate his work above much of country’s escapist fare…..” –Entertainment Weekly

“….Throughout Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah one theme prevails: living in the moment. In a way, the songs selected seem to be convincing the road warrior that it’s time to slow down the pace. ….” –Sounds Like Nashville

Check back as more reviews arrive. Meanwhile, you can see Kenny Chesney’s ‘Cosmic Hallelujah’ album cover art and videos below.

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