Miranda Kerr graces the cover of Women’s Health Australia and opens up about her diet, fitness and weight loss tips. The former Victoria’s Secret angel shares her advice on how to stay fit and healthy without deprivation.

 Miranda Kerr

Photo: Miranda Kerr
Credit: PR Photos

The 33-year-old Australian supermodel is stunning, no doubt, and certainly a winner in the genetic lottery. Nonetheless, it takes some effort, to stay fit and trim, no matter what kind of bone structure and height one might have. And, in Kerr’s case, all the more so, as she’s continued to be the front for other lingerie retailers since her Victoria’s Secret angel days. She fronts for the Australian retailer Bonds as well as for Wonderbra, among others.

So the big question. How does she stay so svelte? Kerr told Women’s Health Australia about her fitness routine which includes yoga three or four times a week. Noting that this is helpful for circulation and blood flow she went on to say, ‘if I can’t it’s OK, no big deal.’

As for her diet, she revealed her six favorite high energy superfoods; oats, avocado, blueberries, papaya, salmon and steamed greens. It’s a sensible list of nutrient dense whole foods, much better choices than even processed diet foods and smoothies.

She also stressed that the emotional aspect of health shouldn’t be neglected. She told the publication, ““Sometimes, living in a fast-paced world, we forget to do those simple things that really can bring so much healing and happiness to us.”

Kerr is also known to many as the former wife of actor Orlando Bloom and the former couple has one child together, a son, Flynn. She’s now engaged to billionaire Evan Spiegel, the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat. She spoke of how motherhood has changed her outlook, saying, “My son is my favourite person in the whole world.” She added, “The way that he sees the world is so beautiful.”

You can see the full interview here and get the full details on Miranda Kerr’s diet and weight loss tips and see her stunning ‘Women’s Health’ magazine photos below!