Zac Brown opens up about his new side project, Sir Roosevelt. The frontman and founder of multi-Grammy winning Zac Brown Band is taking a new musical direction, a foray into dance-pop and EDM. In a new interview he speaks about the new music and his future plans.

Zac Brown

Photo: Zac Brown
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It was just a few days ago that the first single ‘Sunday Finest’ was released, via a lyric video on YouTube, and with it, naturally, much curiosity. It’s an undeniably infectious, upbeat and joyous track with Zac Brown’s unmistakable vocals. (You can listen to it below.) But beyond that, a mystery even as to who the members of this band were aside from its famous frontman. Yes, not to mention the Twitter hashtag that literally begged the question #WhoIsSirRosevelt.

And, without warning, a few days later, three more tracks under that Sir Roosevelt moniker as well as the official music video of ‘Sunday Finest.’ As Rolling Stone reports, in a Periscope video (below) Zac Brown introduced the music video and revealed who his bandmates are; longtime collaborator singer-songwriter Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti, another longtime collaborator, a Nashville recording engineer who worked on Zack Brown Band’s ‘Jekyll + Hyde’ album, among others.

The usual buzz has been ensued over Zac Brown’s involvement with a side project especially one which is such a radical departure from his country music and folk rock wheelhouse. It does prompt so many questions.

Zac Brown spoke with Billboard at great length, answering some of those pressing questions, not least of which, the musical influences. He literally spelled them out, and said, “We started listening to Jack U, Diplo and Skrillex, and I love listening to that music.”

He went on to cite the EDM influences as Avicii, DJ Snake, Calvin Harris and said they are “people that are a little more open with sounds and borrow from different vocalists.”

Zac Brown also dropped some tantalizing hint on the future direction of Sir Roosevelt, as he said, “We’ll be able to play a residency in Vegas and we’ll be able to do late-night TV, we’ll be able to play with a big band as well. There are really no rules for it.”

As for those live performances, he said, “Sir Rosevelt is a little more of a persona and we dress up, three-piece Tom Ford suits and it’s a little more refined visually. I want our stage performance to be art as well, so you’re entertained by the music and helping make people dance. But you’re also intrigued and what you’re looking at is very interesting, the fact we can perform and sing live is going to be a big strength compared to a normal DJ.”

Speaking of the project as a whole, he said, “Curiosity as artists leads us to different things and different places and I think this will go a lot of places ZBB hasn’t gone.”

And for fans who might be concerned about the future of Zack Brown Band, he confirmed that they will announce a new record “because I don’t want anybody to be running around scared that I’ve quit my band.” He went on to say of Sir Roosevelt that it’s “just another brand that’s exploring a different sound and music, a lot more world-type stuff too.”

You can see the full interview here and see the official music video of Zac Brown and Sir Roosevelt’s new single ‘Sunday Finest’ below.